Meet Monash University’s latest Women in STEMM Student Leaders – Dinasha Wimalasiri

Dinasha Wimalasiri

Dinasha’s love for science and her interest in the human body started early, brought on by her time spent in hospital with a heart condition when she was young, “There was nothing else except science for me, science and maths, I found it really easy to understand.”

In Year 11, during the National Youth Science Forum, Dinasha serendipitously wound up in the engineering group, “It was a life changing experience.” While learning about prosthetics, it clicked, “There was this whole other world out there, and you don’t learn about it until you’re exposed to it.”

Now in her 5th year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and President of Monash Young MedTech Innovators (MYMI), Dinasha has combined these interests and uses her developing leadership skills to inspire others to follow a similar path.

“As a leader I am learning how to create a collaborative environment, it can’t just be your opinion, it has to be open ended.”

Dinasha, is passionate about ensuring everyone is at the STEMM table. Each year she volunteers at the Youth Without Borders Spark Engineering Camp. This camp aims to inspire students from non-traditional backgrounds to consider a career in STEMM education.

“You learn so much from different experiences, each conversation gives you ideas and bursts of inspiration, without diversity you don’t get new ideas,” explains Dinasha.

Now as the recipient of the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) 2020 Women in STEMM Student Leadership Awards, Dinasha, feels like her efforts have been recognised. “There has been tutorials and labs where I have been the only woman, there is so much anxiety and courage to get through them,” she explains “This award is a great acknowledgement to say you got this and we support you.”

Applications for the 2021 Women in STEM Student Leadership Awards are now open. Learn more here.