Professor Frada Burstein

Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics, Faculty of IT

+61 3 990 32011

Short biography

Prof. Burstein initiated and continues to lead Knowledge Management Research Program at Monash University. She has attracted nationally competitive grants well over $1m, and has a strong record of publication in quality outlets, such as Decision Support Systems, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Information Technology & People, European Journal of Operations Research, and Knowledge Management Research and Practice. Prof. Burstein is an Area Editor for Decision Support Systems Journal and Co-Editor for Journal of Decision Systems and VINE: the journal of information and knowledge management systems. The most recent and substantial work was a set of two volumes of Handbook of Decision Support Systems, published by Springer. Prof Burstein is a Fellow of Australian Computer Society, awarded Monash awards for excellence in research supervision (2003 and 2009) and the State of Victoria iAward of Educator of the Year in 2013.


My expertise is in knowledge management tools and systems, including those for mobile and real time decision support. In the past ten years I led the design and implementation of portals and ontologies for various health domains and medical emergency decision support. The outcomes included generic architecture for Smart Information Portal (SIP), which supports personalised searches for relevant, quality information, taking into consideration a person’s context. Specifically, this architecture was implemented for BCKOnline portal (, to provide information about breast cancer and Heart Health portal to support patients with mental health problems related to chronic heart conditions. The latter was clinically evaluated with funding from the beyondblue initiative.

I lead pioneering research in mobile decision support, which combines information and knowledge management technologies and principles to address people’s immediate, time-critical information needs. This work has already resulted in a series of prototype implementations empirically tested by practitioners for training in medical emergency management. We also published a refereed book containing several chapters on clinical, real-time decision support systems written by international experts. I am a lead researcher of a multi-disciplinary project which involves academics and clinicians from metropolitan and rural hospitals and is funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery schema. We aim to help medical teams use documented and non-documented knowledge during the ward rounds when more than one medical condition is present and no formal guidelines are applicable.

Recent relevant publications

  • Nguyen, B. V., Burstein, F., Fisher, J., 2014, Improving service of online health information provision: A case of usage-driven design for health information portals. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-19.
  • Pousti, H., Burstein, F, 2014, Barriers of Using Social Media to Support Health-Related Decisions: A Socio-Material Perspective, in (ed) G.Phillips-Wren, S.Carlsson, A.Raspicio&P.Brezillon. DSS2.0- Supporting Decision Making with New Technologies, pp545-557, IOS Press.
  • Delir Haghighi, P., Burstein, F., Zaslavsky, A., Arbon, P.A., 2013, Development and evaluation of ontology for intelligent decision support in medical emergency management for mass gatherings, Decision Support Systems, vol 54, issue 2, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam Netherlands, pp. 1192-1204.
  • Grigsby, S.A., Burstein, F., Parker, N.L., 2011, Context modelling in time-critical decision support for medical triage, in Supporting Real Time Decision-Making: The Role of Context in Decision Support on the Move, eds Frada Burstein, Patrick Brezillon and Arkady Zaslavsky, Springer, New York NY USA, pp. 287-302.
  • Burstein, F., Delir Haghighi, P., Zaslavsky, A., 2011, Context-aware mobile medical emergency management decision support system for safe transportation, in Decision Support: An Examination of the DSS Discipline, eds David Schuff, David Paradice, Frada Burstein, Daniel J. Power and Ramesh Sharda, Springer, New York NY USA, pp. 163-181.

MIME Theme

Clinical decision support, knowledge management, health informatics platform, social media analytics, clinical tools