Professor Yuri Estrin

Materials Engineering


One of my major research interests is in developing metallic materials for medical implants. This includes ultrafine-grained or nanostructured titanium to replace Ti alloys in dental and bone implant, as well as biodegradable magnesium alloys for temporary implants, such as vascular stents. The methods used are based on extreme grain refinement by severe plastic deformation. Through systematic studies, it has been demonstrated that these techniques lead to substantial improvement of mechanical properties of the implant materials, while not compromising (or in some cases improving) their biocompatibility. This research is being sponsored by US metal manufacturers as well as Cochlear in Australia and is also supported by ARC. It involves development of materials processing techniques, characterisation of the novel materials obtained and in vitro and in vivo testing. A further direction of research of relevance to MIME is development of porous Ti and Mg based implant materials.

This research is being conducted with a number of partners in the US, Austria, Germany, Israel, Korea, India and Russia and is recognised internationally.

Recent relevant publications

Materials, Implantable devices, cardiovascular, orthopedic, biodegradable