2015 Seed Fund Results

The 2015 MIME Seed Fund round proved to be an overwhelming success with approximately 80 applications for unmet clinical needs received as part of phase I of the program submitted by clinicians. As part of phase II of the program we received a large number of project responses from our researchers.  As a result over $700 000 in seed funding was awarded.

We would like to thank all clinicians who submitted an unmet clinical need and all researchers who submitted a project proposal. We extend our congratulations to the successful project teams below. We look forward to the 2016 MIME Seed Fund round being as successful.

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Researchers from Eng/IT



MIME 2015 Seed Funding Awardees

Cardiovascular and lung disease

Dr Greg Szto, Dr David Kannar

Develop novel bio-absorbable stents

Professor Nick Birbilis (ENG), Professor Chris Davies (ENG), Professor Laurence Meagher (ENG)

Dr Thilak Gunatillake (CSIRO), Dr Jerome Werkmeister (CSIRO)

Monash Health

Adjunct Professor Bruce Thompson

Development and testing of a nebulizer with “dial up” particle size control that can target small airways, improving the treatment of asthma

Dr Tuncay Alan (ENG), Associate Professor Adrian Neild (ENG)


Alfred Health

Musculoskeletal disease

Professor Flavia Cicuttini

Develop an assistive device to unload the hip joint, reduce pain and aid mobility

Dr Chao Chen (ENG)

Dr Anna Murphy (MH), Dr Hoam Chung (ENG)

Alfred Health

Professor Peter Ebeling AO

Develop wearable sensors to monitor forces at the hip and spine, to optimise exercise regimes to improve bone density

Dr Mehmet Yuce (ENG), Dr Jean-Michel Redoute (ENG)

Dr David Scott (MH), Professor Daphne Flynn (MADA), Mr Gene Bawden (MADA)

Monash Health

Dr Elizabeth Sigston

Development of 3D printed materials for integration with bone in reconstructive surgery, particularly for repair required as a result of cancer

Dr Andrey Molotnikov (ENG), Professor George Simon (ENG), Professor Nick Birbilis (ENG) Professor Xinhua Wu (ENG), Professor Chris Davies (ENG)


Monash Health

Neural, vision and mental health

Dr Steven Miller

Develop self-administered brain stimulation device for home-based management of chronic pain

Dr Andrew Nunn (ENG)

Professor Daphne Flynn (MADA)

Alfred Health

Dr Steven Miller

Bipolar disorder – develop online visual test for bipolar disorder

Dr Kirsten Ellis (FIT)


Alfred Health

Trauma, emergency and intensive care

Professor Mark Fitzgerald

Develop semi-automated device for emergency drainage of blood in the chest cavity (pleural decompression device)

Professor Wing Kong Chiu (ENG), Dr Chao Chen (ENG), Dr Scott Wordley (ENG)

Fei Bing
Andrey Molotnikov (ENG)
Stephen Wang (MADA)
Yulin Zhong

Alfred Health

Professor Mark Fitzgerald

Develop wireless heads-up display for real-time decision support in trauma situations

Professor Wing Kong Chiu (ENG), Dr Chao Chen (ENG), WH Ong

Professor Daphne Flynn (MADA), Mr Gene Bawden (MADA)

Alfred Health


Dr Daniel Croagh

Develop a small, handheld diagnostic device to isolate circulating tumour cells allowing non-invasive monitoring during personalised chemotherapy

Associate Professor Adrian Neild (ENG),
Dr Tuncay Alan (ENG)

Professor Brendan Jenkins (Hudson)

Monash Health

Professor Andrew Spencer

Develop a diagnostic test for detecting circulating tumour DNA for use in primary healthcare

Dr Andrew Rodda (ENG)

Dr Simon Corrie (ENG)

Alfred Health

Infectious disease

Professor Anton Peleg

Develop surface coatings for medical devices that resist the attachment of organisms and establishment of biofilms, particularly antibiotic resistance biofilms

Professor Laurence Meagher (ENG)

Dr Ana Traven (MNHS), Dr Katherine Locock (CSIRO), Dr Yue Qu (MNHS)

Alfred Health

Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah

Use of electronic surveillance and data analytics to improve clinical risk assessment and management of fungal diseases

Professor Geoff Webb (FIT), Dr Reza Haffari (FIT), Professor Tom Drummond (ENG)


Alfred Health

Dr Tony Korman

Infrared-based diagnostic tool for identification of early sepsis for point of use care (primary healthcare)

Professor Wray Buntine (FIT)

Dr Bayden Wood (SCI), Michelle Francis (MNHS), Dr Phil Heraud (MNHS), Mr David Perez Guaita (SCI)

Monash Health

Dr Eric Chow

Sexually transmitted infections - develop an app or website to assist with self-diagnosis of STI

Dr Grace Rumantir (FIT)


Alfred  Health


Professor Euan Wallace

Development of a simple device to monitor and report on foetal movements, to be worn during late pregnancy

Professor Wenlong Cheng (ENG), Professor George Simon (ENG), Professor Geoff Webb (FIT)

Dr Stephen Wang (MADA)

Monash Health

Surgical training and instrumentation

Dr Neil Vallance

Development of an improved laryngoscope

Dr Chao Chen (ENG), Dr Bernard Chen (ENG)

Mr  Mark Harrison (SCI)

Alfred Health

Health systems ICT

Professor Eric Morand

Develop web-based clinical research database to enable researchers to mine de-identified clinical data from electronic medical records

Dr  Yuan-Fang Li (FIT)

Dr Yong-Bin Kang (FIT), Ms Suong Le (MH), Associate Professor Ronnie Ptasznik (MH), Professor James Cameron (MH), Mr Ian Larmour (MH), Dr Adam West (MH), Earl Blessing (MH)

Monash Health

Professor Eric Morand
(Morand, Ptasznik, Liu and Steinfeld)

Assessment and improvement of software for workflow management in hospital practice

Dr Joseph Liu (FIT), Dr Ron Steinfeld (FIT)

Associate Professor Ronnie Plasznik (MH), Professor Eric Morand, (MH), Ms Suong Le (MH), Earl Blessing (MH)

Monash Health