2018 Seed Fund Results

The MIME Seed Fund was established in 2015 to accelerate the development of new medical technologies that address significant unmet clinical needs. The 2018 funding round has continued to build on previous rounds by establishing the foundations for new collaborative clinically focussed translational research and development projects. The program aims to build and strengthen collaborative relationships between MNHS clinicians in Monash's partner hospitals and researchers in the Faculties of Engineering and IT, as well as reaching out to researchers in other disciplines and partner organisations.

Building on previous years, the 2018 MIME Seed Fund round has proven to be an overwhelming success with approximately 69 applications for unmet clinical needs submitted by our clinicians received as part of phase 1 of the program. As part of phase 2 of the program we received a large number of project responses from our researchers. As a result over $300,000 in seed funding has been awarded.

We would like to thank all clinicians who submitted an unmet clinical need and all researchers who submitted a project proposal. We extend our congratulations to the top eight successful project teams listed below and look forward to the 2019 MIME Seed Fund round being as successful.

Details regarding the 2019 round will be available on the MIME website early in 2019.

ID Title of Project Clinical Champion Additional collaboration researchers
23 Paediatric robotic platformDr Ram Nataraja

Lead CI Prof Sunita Chauham (Eng)

24 Virtual reality-based obesity treatment A/Prof Barbora De Courten Lead CI  Jon McCormack (IT)
Prof Daphne Flynn (MADA)
Dr Rowan Page (MADA)
Dr Kieran John (MADA)
Prof Mark Armstrong (MADA)
Dr Naomi Kakoschke (MNHS)
A/Prof. Antonio Verdejo-Garcia (MNHS)
29b Automated seizure detection for patients with epilepsy Prof Patrick Kwan Lead CI Prof Wenlong Cheng (Eng)
Faezeh Marzbamrad (Eng)
Lim Yap (eng)
Shu Gong (Eng)
Yan Wang (Eng)
Qingfeng Zhai (Eng)
36 POC assays for cardiovascular health Dr Dion Stub Lead CI Prof Nicolas Voelcker (Eng)
Dr Simon Corrie (ChemE)
Dr Roey Elnathan (MIPS)
Dr Victor J. Cadarso (MAE)
Prof George Lovrecz (CSIRO)
Dr Lars Esser(CSIRO)
40 Thrombosis in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation A/Prof Vincent Pellegrino Lead CI Dr Shaun Gregory (Eng)
A/Prof Christoph Hagemeyer (MNHS)
Dr Erik Westein (MNHS)
Ms Akshita Rana (MNHS)
Dr Beeri Niego (MNHS)
Prof Julio Soria (Eng)
Dr Isaac Pinar (Eng)
Prof Harshal Nandurkar (MNHS)
Prof David Kaye (Baker)
Dr Aidan Burrell (Alfred)
A/Prof Robert Salamonsen (Alfred)
42 Intravascular and intra-cardiac pressure monitoring Prof David Kaye Lead CI Dr Isaac Pinar (Eng)
46 In-MRI robotic transperineal prostate biopsy A/Prof Jeremy Grummet Lead CI Prof Chao Chen (IT)
Dr Shao Liu (Eng)
A/Prof Nicholas Ferris (MonHealth)
51 Clinical trial of a non-radiative bone healing assessment technique Prof Russ Matthias Lead CI Prof Wing Kong Chiu (Eng)
Prof M. Fitzgerald (Alfred)