Seed Funding Guidelines

Objectives and implementation of MIME Seed Fund

Objectives of MIME Seed Fund

  1. Excellence: To foster high quality multidisciplinary research targeted at driving major innovations in the development of new medical technologies.
  2. Relevance: To promote early engagement of clinicians in defining areas of significant unmet clinical need, particularly those in which leading-edge engineering, IT and Design expertise is required to tackle the challenge.
  3. Interdisciplinary research: To build stronger links between Monash STEM researchers and clinicians in our partner hospitals, to foster new research collaborations, new areas/applications of research, or accelerate the translation of our research through to clinical evaluation.
  4. Leverage: To serve as a ‘seed’ funding on projects that will attract substantial external research funding (immediate co-investment or clear path to grant, government or industry funding).
  5. Strategic alignment: To build critical mass in MIME themes likely to be nationally and internationally competitive.
  6. Impact: To support activities that substantially progress the translation of the research/technology, including partnerships with organisations that will contribute to the translation of the technology – e.g. industry, hospitals, CSIRO, medical research institutes..

Implementation of MIME Seed fund

The process for application and selection will entail:

  1. Invitation to Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences clinicians (staff and adjuncts) in Monash partner hospitals to submit a proposal identifying a specific challenge in patient care that is amenable to an innovative engineering, IT and/or Design solution.
  2. Review of project ideas by the MIME Seed Fund Review Panel which will include representation from the MIME Research Working Group, the Deputy Dean of Research from Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, and the Associate Deans of Research from Engineering, IT and Design, plus other senior Monash leadership and MIME industry advisors. The panel will select suitable project topics based on the selection criteria of the scheme.
  3. Invitation to all Monash staff and adjuncts to submit a proposed research program in response to the advertised clinician statements of need. The program should aim to develop a tangible outcome addressing the clinical need within a 12-18 month period. Staff are highly encouraged to discuss their proposed solution with the Clinician PI prior to submission. Project proposals to meet unmet clinical need may be put forward by any Monash staff member (i.e. open to staff from all Faculties), but the proposed research team must include a researcher from the Faculties of Engineering, IT or Design, and the initiating clinician PI.
  4. Researchers are invited to include collaborators from MIME partner organisations (e.g. Baker Institute, Hudson Institute, CSIRO) or external partner organisations, (e.g. industry, government departments and community groups) in the proposed team. In these cases, strong preference will be given to projects in which co-funding is provided by the collaborating external  partner organisation.
  5. Selected exciting and highly prospective projects will then be supported with further development to make the proposal as competitive as possible relative to funding criteria. This will include suggestions as to relevant complementary expertise that could be included as collaborators to enhance project delivery.
  6. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their proposal to the Seed Fund Review Panel.
  7. Review panel will make final decision on prioritisation of proposals and allocation of funds.
  8. Recipients of MIME seed funding will be required to present the outcomes of their research project at the annual MIME showcase event.