MIME offers postgraduate students the opportunity to study with some of Australia's leading medical engineering researchers and clinicians. By joining our highly interdisciplinary research team you become an active part of one of the largest medical engineering research initiatives in Australia.

PhD project topics and scholarship opportunities will be advertised on this page as they become available.

Six MIME PhD scholarships are now available to support collaborative projects involving a clinician researcher from the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, and a researcher from the Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of IT.

Phase 1 of the process for awarding the scholarships is underway now - a call to clinicians to nominate areas of significant unmet clinical need, which could potentially be solved by engineering or IT research innovation, and that would involve a significantly challenging research question that befits  a PhD program.

The process for application and selection will entail:

  1. An initial call for projects will be put out to researcher clinicians and companies
  2. The projects will be initially screened so as to fit MIME criteria
  3. A four-week matchmaking process will be carried out which will be open to all Faculties involved.
  4. Lead collaborations will be selected, a main supervisor check carried out and an evaluation of the likely success of technical execution.
  5. The projects are advertised and the applicant screened as per their submitted EoI. At this point a student quality check will be carried out (by the Faculty of the main supervisor).
  6. The recommended applicants will then be screened by the main supervisor, the list of prioritised acceptable candidates will be relayed to the MIME panel and the highest quality candidate's applicants notified to enter their information into Higher Dreams where a check of their relative quality will be carried out.
  7. Selection panels will comprise three MIME and three Faculty members.