Bega: Manufacturing Water Management (2021-22)

Manufacturing Water Management (2021-22)

Date close:
Sunday, 5th September 2021

Sponsored by Bega

This project is proudly funded and supported by Gardiner Dairy Foundation

Subject to restrictions: The project is based in South Western regional Victoria (240kms from Melbourne CBD) in our Koroit Dairy Factory at 41 Commercial Road, Koroit Victoria. Students should be prepared to live in the region and accommodation will be organised and paid for near the factory.
There will be times when students are required on site outside of working hours to complete data collections so students with their own transport will be significantly advantaged
Description of the project:

Bega’s Koroit Dairy is a large milk powder manufacturing facility located near Warrnambool in the south west of Victoria.
Production of high-quality dairy powders is resource intensive with high demands on energy and water use, and the accumulation of liquid waste.
The Koroit team wish to better understand their water use, and subsequent wastewater reduction opportunities.

Use of water on site in milk concentration unit operations, milk powder production and high-value functional powders such as lactoferrin.
Collect data on water use; during production and cleaning (CIP: Clean In Place).
Establish where the water goes around the facility and account for all the water in, and water out (as waste) from site. Profile solids lost to waste in each unit operation including milk/water interfaces and cleaning times. Model water flows highlighting key features of water consumption on site.

Project Aims:

For the students to develop an intimate understanding of water usage within the Koroit factory with specific focus on the lactoferrin (LF) plant.
To analyze their collected data and model scenarios that improve the use of water within operational activities.
To report to site leadership on outcomes of the investigation together with recommendations on what changes should be considered for the future.

Available to:
All Students
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Employment Type:
Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
Hold an Australian permanent resident/humanitarian visa, or
Hold an international student visa (Must be Melbourne placed during placement period)

Applications for this project are welcome from penultimate and subsequent year undergraduates, Masters and PhD students (coursework and research) who are currently enrolled full-time at Monash including for the period December 2021 to end of February 2022..

Selection and Required Criteria:

Your application will be reviewed by senior university members and assessed against the following criteria:

  • Quality of covering letter, resume and on-line application including spelling & grammar

  • Relevance of your degree to the project(s) you select

  • Skills, ability, knowledge and experience relevant to the project(s) you apply for

  • Quick Learners, adaptable and enthusiastic.

  • Career goals and ambitions

  • Successful interview with industry partner

  • Understanding of mass balances - we would like the students to have an appreciation of accounting for all volumes in a closed system (the factory)

  • Experience with computer modelling would be an advantage for the above application. 

  • Basic background in Food Technology or process engineering would also be an advantage.

Please note:

  • Scope for MITI projects are determined by the industry partners, this includes student disciplines and whether they require students at undergraduate, Masters or PhD level.

  • The final selection of the MITI project team will be made by the industry partner.

12 weeks
Max number of recipients:
Date close:
Sunday, 5th September 2021

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