Mark Cullinan, Surgeon: Project Multi (2021-22)

Project Multi (2021-22)

Date close:
Sunday, 5th September 2021

This project is proudly funded and supported by Mark Cullinan.


Epworth Hospital Richmond, Erin Street, Richmond 3121 Or Monash Medical Centre, Clayton Road, Clayton

Description of the project:

Modern life and medicine is complex. With more and more treatment options becoming available our patients are living longer and thriving. The fastest growing demographic in our community are Centarians (100yo). There is increasing need for personalisation of medical treatment plans to meet individual patient requirements. To facilitate this medical practitioners from various specialities commonly meet to discuss complex patients and come to a consensus on the best way forward.
Managing these meetings and communicating the outcome to the treating team is often inefficient and clumsy. With the widespread use of Smart phones we should be able to use them to co-ordinate and streamline the process

Design, Build, Test and Implement an application (app) to Manage Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) medical meetings
MDTs (also known as MDMs) are where complex patients with complex medical problems are discussed by a range of specialists and recommendations are given for ongoing management.
The app is targeted for use by a range of clinical Specialties and Subspecialties, to capture the inputs and outcomes of the meeting. Initially to be used in Gastrointestinal Cancer and Gastrointestinal Benign disease meetings. The intention is to then use the app in other multi-disciplinary areas

Design – Build – Test – Implement

Coding – Architecture, Language, Devices, Security, Database, Server, Internet, Hardware Requirements
Interface Appearance – Backgrounds, Forms, Front page, Report Format
User Friendly
- User Needs – Lead Clinician, Radiologist, Pathologist, Administration, Scribes
- Interview Stake holders
- Attend Meetings – Zoom and Face-Face

Human Interface

Testing - Alpha
- Populate with fake patients, clinicians etc
- Interact with App
- Hold a simulated MDT

Implementation - Beta
- Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary Radiology Meeting – Monash
- Gastrointestinal Cancer Meeting – Holmesglen
- Gastrointestinal Cancer Meeting – Epworth
- Thoracic Cancer Meeting – Holmesglen

Project Aims:

- To design, build, test and implement a prototype application.
- There are four meetings where this App could be tested and implemented at various institutions around Melbourne
- Make a presentation to key stakeholders

Available to:
All Students
Art Design and Architecture
Information Technology
Employment Type:
Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
Hold an Australian permanent resident/humanitarian visa, or
Hold an international student visa (Must be Melbourne placed during placement period)

Applications for this project are welcome from penultimate and subsequent year undergraduates, Masters and PhD students (coursework and research) who are currently enrolled full-time at Monash including for the period December 2021 to end of February 2022.

Selection and Required Criteria:

Your application will be reviewed by senior university members and assessed against the following criteria:

  • Quality of covering letter, resume and on-line application including spelling & grammar

  • Relevance of your degree to the project(s) you select

  • Skills, ability, knowledge and experience relevant to the project(s) you apply for

  • Quick Learners, adaptable and enthusiastic.

  • Career goals and ambitions

  • Successful interview with industry partner

  • Coding and App development

  • Design - User Interface

  • Behavioural - User friendly & Stake holder engagement

Please note:

  • Scope for MITI projects are determined by the industry partners, this includes student disciplines and whether they require students at undergraduate, Masters or PhD level.

  • The final selection of the MITI project team will be made by the industry partner.

12 weeks
Max number of recipients:
Date close:
Sunday, 5th September 2021