Information for industry

The Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) program offers a unique opportunity to form an effective collaboration between leading Australian and global industry partners and multi-disciplinary student teams from Monash University.

Industry partners host teams of up to 4 Monash University students, from a diverse range of disciplines, to work on an innovative business project. Students work over summer on a project defined by the Industry partner and deliver a tangible outcome to the challenge set.

  • Explore creative and innovative solutions to business challenges

  • Collaboration of diverse ideas through the interaction of a multi-discipline team

  • Partner with a dynamic team of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD talent

  • Opportunities to build enduring business partnerships

How it works

Based on the needs of the business and the educational requirements of students, the industry partner (in conjunction with the MITI team), defines the project/s and the skills required from the student team/s to enable an innovative and tangible outcome.

The multi-disciplinary team/s of up to 4 students undertake their project over 10 to 12 weeks from December to February and are embedded in the organisation to ensure an effective collaboration for both parties.

Monash University undertakes a robust and competitive assessment and selection process where students are required to make a formal application by submitting a cover letter and CV outlining their interest and suitability to their nominated project/s.

The university will undertake a preliminary review and pre-screening process with successful applicants invited to participate in a formal group activity where the following behaviours will be observed and assessed:







Following the formal assessment, industry partners are provided with an appropriate shortlist of applicants for consideration. The industry partner will then schedule interviews with their preferred applicants and select the final student project team in consultation with the University.

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