Information for Monash students

The Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) program offers you a unique opportunity to gain professional experience in a unique learning environment. By participating in this team based initiative, you’ll be partnered with a leading industry host where you will be tasked with solving a real-world business problem.

The MITI Program offers exciting possibilities for personal growth and professional development by exposing you to a practical and very different way of learning, and could even influence your future career choices. The program provides you direct access to the knowledge and skills of leading industry experts, potentially providing a fast track to future graduate opportunities.

  • Be part of a multi-disciplinary team solving real business problems

  • Support your studies with real-world learning opportunities

  • Gain insights into your future profession

The MITI Program runs annually over the University summer vacation period for 10 to 12 weeks (December to February). You will be placed with your host organisation during this time and will be required to complete a project within a student team (maximum of 4 in a team). At the conclusion of the program, you will be required to present your final project to your host organisation and the MITI team. All student teams are required to submit a poster of your project findings. Project and project deliverables vary depending on the host organisation.

Program applications for 2022/23 are now open!

Please see our selection and assessment process for further information for students and we welcome you to apply with us should you be eligible.


All applications for the MITI Program are strictly confidential and access to information that you provide is restricted to those directly involved in the review and selection process.

Monash Industry Team Initiative Privacy Collection Statement:
The information (including digital images) collected by us, or on our behalf, when you apply to participate and throughout your participation in the MITI Program is collected for the purpose of assessing the suitability of your application for the Program and, if you are successful, to facilitate and enable your participation.

For information about the handling of your personal information please view Student Privacy Collection Statement collection-personal-information.