Selection and assessment process

The University undertakes a competitive assessment and selection process before project teams are determined. To be considered for the MITI program you are required to complete a formal online application, which includes submission of a CV and and your responses to the application questions.

Step 1 - Online application

The first step in the selection process is to complete the MITI Program application form and provide supporting documentation.

Your application to participate in the MITI program will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Quality of your CV, including spelling and grammar;
  • Extra - curricular activities (i.e. sports/clubs and societies/memberships);
  • Career goals & ambitions;
  • Academic performance;
  • Your answer to the application screening question

Step 2 - Group Assessment centre

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a formal group assessment activity where the following behaviours will be observed and assessed:

  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Initiative
  • Resilience
  • Communication

Step 3 - Online application to individual MITI Projects

Students who are deemed successful from the group assessment centre process will be invited to apply to our MITI projects once they are finalised in early to mid August. Students will be able to apply for up to 3 MITI projects by submitting their tailored cover letter and up to date CV.

Your application to the MITI projects will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Quality of covering letter, CV and on-line application form, including spelling & grammar;
  • Responses to industry project questions (where requested);
  • Relevance of your degree to the project(s) you select;
  • Skills, ability, knowledge and experience relevant to the project(s) you apply for;
  • Academic performance;
  • Performance in Assessment centre.

Step 4 - Interview with industry partner

If your application is deemed successful against the project criteria, applicants details are passed on to the industry partner for review and shortlist. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview by the industry partner, who will liaise directly with you to arrange this.

Step 5 - Final project teams selected and offers made

The final project team is selected by the industry partner in consultation with Monash University. Formal offers to take part in the MITI program will be sent out following this.

Please note: Scope for MITI projects are determined by the industry partners. This includes student disciplines and whether they require students at undergraduate or postgraduate level.