Why take part?

Male and female student in laboratory

The MITI Program will help you to gain real-world work experience, whilst still at University with the support and guidance of the MITI team. You will gain invaluable exposure to relevant learning opportunities that relate specifically to your studies and beyond, while at the same time, acquiring hands-on practical experience that you won't get by just doing your degree. Enhance your employability and be prepared to jump into your chosen industry with the MITI Program.

Some of the skills you'll get out of participating in the MITI Program:


    Work with students from other disciplines to deliver exceptional project outcomes


    Enhance your verbal and written communication skills with a range of people


    As the leaders of your project, you'll develop critical  stakeholder management skills to ensure your host organisation and key stakeholders are kept up-to-date during every stage of your project


    You'll be responsible for delivering a project on time and in scope

Project Deliverables

At the conclusion of the MITI Program you and your team will be required to complete:

  • A final presentation that your host organisation and the MITI team will attend;
  • A  poster outlining your project's final outcomes.

Your host organisation may also request other deliverables.


As a MITI team member you will receive a scholarship to assist with living expenses for the duration of the project. All scholarships are administered by the Coursework Scholarship Unit, Monash University.

For all projects commencing in December, scholarship amounts are received in two parts; one in the second last week of December and the other in the last week of February. Students receiving a scholarship are required to sign a scholarship agreement prior to the commencement of the project.