Saputo: Critical Equipment Reliability Tool (2021-22)

Critical Equipment Reliability Tool (2021-22)

This project is proudly funded and supported by Gardiner Dairy Foundation

Description of the project:

The SDA Allansford site has grown in both size and complexity over more than 130 years of operation. The site takes in approximately 1 billion litres of milk annually, producing a wide range of dairy products including cheese, butter, milk powder, whey powder and liquid milk.
On such a complex manufacturing site, plant and process reliability is crucial for efficient operations. Additionally, equipment reliability is also an important component of the food safety in our plant, especially with the valves that are critical components of process lines and equipment. Inspection and maintenance of these valves must be carried out during annual production shutdown periods and is prioritised based on equipment criticality and our internal knowledge & experience of the plant. Capturing this knowledge & experience and imbedding it in an interactive decision matrix will help to build better reliability programs on site.

The student team will be required to develop a detailed understanding of the production processes and critical valving equipment in a key production area on site. The team will build their knowledge of the equipment from hands-on work in the production plant as well as consultation with experienced maintenance personnel, equipment suppliers and operators.

Using this knowledge, the team will develop and pilot an interactive app-based tool that captures the understanding of each piece of equipment and the process environment it is operating in and uses a criticality matrix to provide recommendations for maintenance programs.

Saputo Dairy Australia is a division of Saputo Inc, one of the top ten dairy processors in the world. With operations across nine manufacturing facilities, SDA is the largest milk processor in Australia. Producing high quality dairy products for over 130 years, the Allansford site is also the oldest dairy processing site in Australia and one of the largest employers in south-west Victoria; employing over 800 people. The site produces a variety of cheeses, butter and butter blends, dairy powders, milk and cream for markets in Australia and internationally.