BDD Foods: Liquid waste mapping, water recycling and sludge management (2022-23)

Liquid waste mapping, water recycling and sludge management (2022-23)

This project is proudly funded and supported by Gardiner Dairy Foundation

Description of the project:

Our Morwell Yogurt factory produces significant volumes of liquid waste and we'd like to develop a greater understanding of how much and what types of waste go through our water treatment plant and waste silos. This project has two parts; the first is to establish links between manufacturing processes and trade waste volumes going to trade waste with the goal to propose ideas to divert (cleaner) water flows that could be otherwise useful away from the biomass requiring treatment..

The second part of this project is to review our wastewater treatment plant sludge disposal and consider more effective ways to manage liquid flows. Students will be encouraged to consider alternative designs, equipment options and disposal methods in developing their recommendations.

1. Identify waste streams flowing to waste silos and wastewater treatment plant
2. Identify and propose suitable, more circular treatment/disposal options

View project outcomes poster here

The Bega Morwell manufacturing facility receives and processes milk and manufactures a range of Yoghurt and Dairy Desserts. The largest Yoghurt manufacturing site in Australia, producing well known brands such as; Farmers Union, Dairy Farmers, Yoplait, Yogo, Creme Caramel. BEGA CHEESE is a publicly listed (Australian owned) company that manufactures many well-known household food products such as Vegemite, Peanut Butter, Dairy Farmers Milk, Pura Milk, Dare Iced Coffee, Yoplait Yogurt and Daily Juice. Bega also has a large ingredients business manufacturing functional milk powders and bionutrients like lactoferrin which are sold to other food manufacturers. Bega has 18 manufacturing sites across Australia and employs more the 5000 people in manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and sales and marketing.