Fonterra: Water Mapping Darnum (2022-23)

Water Mapping - Darnum (2022-23)

This project is proudly funded and supported by Gardiner Dairy Foundation

Description of the project:

A number of previous assessments have been completed at the Darnum site to understand water consumption across the factory and identify opportunities for water savings. Some upgrades have occurred on site in the last 2 years and further analysis is now required to understand how much water comes into the site and compare this to waste water flows going out. There are a few moving parts which will make this an interesting project as the site recovers cow water, has town water and also transports water to site via tanker, plus all the water streams are filtered in some way. Wastewater is stored in the lagoon system for irrigation and includes factory generated volume in addition to rainwater and stormwater contributions. Understanding water movement across the site will then help the project team to map out a long term plan to reduce water usage by 30%.

The project aims to identify and quantify all water input and output streams to make sure they balance. Gaps in achieving a full water balance can be identified and a plan to reduce water consumption in the longer term can be developed.

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