Hobsons Bay City Council: Integration of Services to Council+ Sites (2022-23)

Integration of Services to Council+ Sites (2022-23)

Description of the project:

Council+ is the integration of Council customer service into our libraries and community centres. To enhance this service for our community, Hobsons Bay Council wishes to extend the availability of services provided by the organisation to the community from all of its Council+ sites. This project will identify services best suited for extension into the Council+ domain, and where appropriate collaboration and augmentation of existing available programs opportunities exist. Key project outputs for this project will be the development of a feasibility analysis and corresponding implementation plan that examines and supports the implementation and introduction of a wider range of services to be delivered at the Council+ sites.

Project outcomes:

* Identify services & programs from within the wider organisation that could be delivered within the Council+ service model
* Evaluate and assess service and/or program benefits of amalgamation, augmentation or collaboration between Community Service and Learning Centre services/ programs and wider HBCC community services /programs
* Complete a feasibility analysis and proposed implementation plan for the introduction and extension of the identified services to be delivered from Council+ locations
* Propose and benchmark applicable service performance data to enable future evaluation of community service impact and the benefits of the Council+ approach


Hobsons Bay City Council is situated on Port Phillip Bay around 10 kilometres west of central Melbourne. It covers an area of approximately 66 square kilometres and has an average population of 100,000.
Hobsons Bay has more than 20 kilometres of bay frontage, quality residential areas, a huge expanse of environmentally significant open space and a range of major industrial complexes, which contribute significantly to the economy of Victoria.
These features contribute to the City's culture, which is strongly linked to its maritime heritage, environment, industry and lifestyle.
Hobsons Bay City Council offers over 100 services to local residents, visitors and businesses. Council’s primary objective is to work towards improving the overall quality of life for the local community by delivering the services they know the community want and addressing the emerging community needs.