SDI: Effect of Particle Size Distribution on the Properties of Glass Ionomer Cement Powders (2022-23)

Effect of Particle Size Distribution on the Properties of Glass Ionomer Cement Powders (2022-23)

Description of the project:

Glass Ionomer Cements (GICs) set by an acid-base reaction between fluoro-alumino-silicate glasses and polyacrylic acid solutions. They are used in a range of dental applications due to favourable properties such as fluoride release and adhesion to dentine and enamel without the requirement for a separate adhesive. Compared to composite restorative materials, GICs suffer from lower strengths and poorer aesthetic properties. The proposed project will investigate the effect of modifying the particle size distribution (PSD) of GIC powder formulations on properties such as strength, aesthetics, viscosity and setting characteristics of glass ionomer cements.

The proposed project will involve the design and preparation of a series of glass PSDs for evaluation in glass ionomer cements. Typical activities will include product formulation and evaluation of physical properties of the prepared glass ionomer cements. Some extension work might include glass powder ball-milling and surface treating.

The objective of the project is to identify glass PSD factors which contribute to GIC strength, aesthetics, viscosity and setting characteristics, with the aim being to improve properties of current and future products.

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