Sircel: SaaS Database and Logistics Optimisation (2022-23)

SaaS Database and Logistics Optimisation (2022-23)

Description of the project:

1. Review current database to ensure we can capture a full load/mass balance as the product works its way through the processing lifecycle.

- Mapping out Sircel end-to-end process flow.
- Reviewing current database against business requirements and determining any gaps within the system. Make recommendations to fill gaps or provide alternate SaaS solutions.
- Understanding Sircel reporting requirements and work out if Razor has the built in capabilities to provide reporting. If not, suggest alternative system.
- Analyse cost of per kilo of output derived
- Look into software and mobile apps 
- Look into real-time analytics

2. Optimising our logistics and trucking capabilities nation-wide

- Making sure we are maximising each truck job we do.
- Develop a framework from which we can analyse the most appropriate modes of transportation (train, truck) and packaging (bulka bags etc.) taking into consideration security of stock, esg requirements and reporting, minimising cost, environmentally friendly practices, efficiencies of scale.
- Mapping time/motion of transportation – link into cashflow

3. Tie into ESG Reporting

View project outcomes poster here

Sircel is an Australian green-technology company addressing one of the world’s fastest growing environmental problems with a world leading proprietary solution that enables up to 100% diversion of e-waste from landfill.