Industry testimonials

“One of the biggest positives is to challenge our teams thinking. You bring in very energetic, talented people without biases or background in the industry and they just think differently. They ask questions we’ve given up asking a long time ago and therefore we rethink the answers and we get much better outcomes”

Scott Charlton, CEO, Transurban

“I think the quality of the students was outstanding. The exposure to new skills, new methodologies, new ways of thinking completely exceeded our expectations”

Con Nidras, Head of Customer Analytics, Relationship Marketing (Consumer)

“It was extremely satisfying to see the project move from a set of aims to our final outcome”

Jess Pizzol, Chemical Engineering/Science Industry Partner: Devondale Murray Goulburn

“With the MITI program it really allows us to tap into a very robust and comprehensive screening process That’s the big difference!”

John Heasman, Principal Engineer

“I think the MITI program was invaluable, because it allowed me to apply what I’ve been learning at university into a real life environment as well as see the sort of value that I was contributing to something in real life”

Alex Jong, Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Comme Industry Partner: Telstra