Our industry partners

Over the years, MITI has partnered with a wide-range of Industry partners, providing Monash students the opportunity and to work on a diverse range of projects, whilst providing solutions to these host organisations biggest challenges. Discover our Industry partners below.


Agriculture Victoria

Agriculture Victoria, one of the branches of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions works to grow and protect profitable, sustainable farms in thriving regional and rural communities across Victoria. Agriculture Victoria Research delivers innovation for economic growth in Victoria’s agriculture through leading science and strong science capacity.


  • Improving use of dairy factory waste streams and farm manure through solids and nutrient recovery (2020-21)


Bega Cheese Limited is a top 200 ASX listed company (ASX:BGA), that generates its revenue from the manufacture and sale of dairy and other food products in Australia and in over 40 export markets. The company employs approximately 2,000 staff and operates seven major manufacturing facilities across Victoria, NSW and QLD.

As part of the vision to become the Great Australian Food Company, Bega has undertaken a significant growth program in recent years. This has included several acquisitions, including a large dairy processing facility in Koroit in 2018 and the Mondelez meals business in 2017 (incorporating Vegemite).

Products include:

Cheeses in a variety of retail and food service formats, including cheddar, cream cheese and mozzarella;
Spreads such as Vegemite, Bega Peanut Butter and our new B Honey range;
Infant formula and bionutrient ingredients; and
Bega also manufactures of varieties of other dairy products such as milk powders and butter.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain – Cow to Consumer in Cream Cheese (2020-21)

Burra Foods

Burra Foods is an Australian dairy ingredient processor that for over two decades has been producing and marketing value-added dairy products to the global food manufacturing market.
Specialising in creating products that deliver the functional and sensory characteristics of fresh milk, we have significant international market experience and a reputation for being a reliable supplier of high quality dairy products. These include natural cheese, fresh milk concentrates, food preparations, specialty milk powders and fresh dairy ingredients.

Our manufacturing plant is located in the heart of South Gippsland at Korumburra, in south eastern Victoria, and we have offices in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo.



  • Better Process for Improved Customer Service (2020-21)

Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd

Fonterra is a global, co-operatively-owned company. Our Australian business is one of our largest and operates 6 manufacturing sites with 1,800 employees providing Australians the great-tasting dairy brands they know and love.
Fonterra Australia will collect approximately 2 billion litres of milk from more than 1300 dairy farms in 2018/19. This milk is processed across 6 manufacturing plants in Victoria and Tasmania to produce world class dairy products for Australian and international markets.



  • CIP Validation and Verification (2020-21)
  • Water Mapping validation and development of a water saving roadmap (2020-21)

Lactalis Australia

Lactalis is a national dairy company with a long and proud history in Australia, a history that commenced with the opening of the Pauls milk factory on the banks of the Brisbane River back in the 1930s. More than 80 years on, the company is now part of a global dairy organization that brings nutrition and wellness to people all over the world.We have great brands and great people. Lactalis continues to invest and expand in Australia, setting the benchmark for the dairy industry locally and playing an ever-increasing role in the export of dairy products into Asia.


  • On-Farm Milk Sensor Project (2020-21)

Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) Program with Rotary

MITI in the Not for Profit Sector
MITI program has partnered with the community and NFP sector for the past six years. Through the partnership with Melbourne Rotary, teams have delivered successful outcomes that have improved community impact through projects that have generated innovation and disruption. Though Rotary have been a major stakeholder, in each project, we have worked with other associations as well, such as Arthritis Victoria, Rotary Philippines and Melbourne Eye Health. This partnership has delivered the following project outcomes:
Working with a developing town in the Philippines to provide a drinking water system,
Creating a digital engagement space for adolescents with arthritis so they feel connected and supported and contributes to improved mental well being,
Innovation in aged mobility in Melbourne - working towards being trialled before Rotary Convention 2023 (25,000 Rotarians coming to Melbourne),
Reducing the impact of trachoma for indigenous children - with more than 4 MITI teams over summers working to innovate, design, and create and manufacturer a gamification trailer that engages children to play with lights, music and light water sprays so their faces can be gently washed with water, greatly reducing the reoccurrence of the infection that causes Trachoma and blindness. This trailer was built with local assistance from Monash alumnae, trialled in situ, modified where required and has recently attracted external funding to now manufacture to support local indigenous communities, hence also contributing to work and upskilling.


  • International Rotary Convention - Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for aged mobility (2020-21)
  • Making an impact in Trachoma for indigenous children (2020-21)


SDI Limited is primarily involved in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of specialist dental materials.

All of SDI's products are manufactured at our Bayswater facility in Victoria, Australia. SDI's products are distributed through distributors and retailers in over 100 countries throughout the world. SDI has offices and warehouses in Chicago, USA; Cologne, Germany; Dublin, Ireland and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • Preparation and Evaluation of Fluoride Glass for Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cements (RMGICs) (2020-21)


Transurban is an Australian-owned company that builds and operate toll roads in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as in Greater Washington, United States and Montreal, Canada.

Transurban's roads are built for the long term, ensuring they’ll deliver real and lasting benefits to cities and their communities. While you’re thinking about getting home on time today, Transurban are thinking about how you’ll get home 10 or 20 years from now.

Transurban is also a technology company – researching and developing innovative tolling and transport technology that makes travel easier for everyone.

As an industry leader, high standards are set for our performance on social and environmental issues, and we invest in both to create social inclusion and manage our environmental impacts. We’re also a member of our local communities. We build parks and bike paths, create new community facilities, and plant trees for wildlife habitats – helping people connect with each other and their neighbourhoods.


  • Voice in digital channels (2020-21)
  • Airlite (paint product) (2020-21)

Woodside Monash Energy Partnership

The Woodside Monash Energy Partnership is finding a sustainable path to a lower-carbon economy. By bringing together leading researchers and industry from across Monash, and beyond, into a collaboration with Woodside expertise, the Woodside Monash Energy Partnership fosters an innovative approach to collaborative problem solving that will accelerate the energy transition.
Spanning fundamental technical and non-technical research all the way through to pilot and demonstration projects, the partnerships aims to deliver solutions for a lower carbon ecosystem that is competitive with current markets, scalable for bulk energy transport, value-adding through the creation of carbon products, and able to integrate with energy policies to enable a successful transition.


  • Decarbonisation – Carbon to Products at Scale (2020-21)