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Overlooking a tranquil terrace nestled in the heart of Monash’s Clayton campus, The Count’s (formerly Jazz Club) is a live music venue with different operating modes depending on the day and type of event. Functioning as a cafe during the day and a full performance venue with a restaurant and bar at night, The Count’s ideal for a variety of music performances, stand-up comedy and presentations.

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The Count’s Location


From 8.30am to 4pm much of the parking on campus is permit-only with specific areas of casual meter parking available. After 4pm, most parking areas become free and unrestricted areas.

The closest meter parking to our performance venues is located on the Eastern-side of Scenic Boulevard, near Wellington Road. Meter Parking at Monash University has recently changed and is now cashless and requires your vehicle registration. There are two ways to pay – To Pay-by-App you must download the CellOPark app, create an account with your registration & payment information, then, once you have parked, select your location and follow the prompts to ‘start’ and ‘stop’ parking. To Pay-by-Plate, once you have parked, you must enter your car registration number at one of the parking meters available, select the amount of time you wish to park and insert or tap your credit/debit card to make payment.

There are convenient Accessible Parking spaces in all car parks for disability permit holders. If the disabled parking bays are full, you can then park in any red, yellow or blue permit spaces, ensuring you display your disability permit.

Wherever you park, be sure to follow the signs to avoid a fine. For further details, please visit the Monash University Parking website.

For The Count’s, the closest unrestricted parking on weeknights and weekends is S2 underground parking off Ancora Imparo Way..


The Count’s  is located approximately 2 minutes walk from the Monash University/Wellington Road bus interchange.

Monash University/Wellington Road bus interchange is service by the following buses operated by Ventura.

601 express to and from Huntingdale Station
630 | 631 | 703 | 733 | 802 | 804 | 862 | 900 | 978 (Night bus)
More information can be found on Ventura’s website

Huntingdale and Clayton Stations are the closest train stations to Monash University’s Clayton Campus.  There are buses that connect these train stations and the Monash University/Wellington Road bus interchange.


Monash Academy of Performing Arts is committed to accommodate the needs of persons with mobility requirements.  The Sound Gallery is on foyer/ground level of the Ian Potter Centre of Performing Arts where there are no stairs required for access.


*Parking restrictions may change without notice.  Please observe parking restriction signage carefully to avoid penalties.