Key Changes

Key Changes


New music theatre about moving forwards (sometimes) and staying still (other times).

Students of Monash University’s brand new music theatre minor respond to the provocation of ‘progress’ in a night of new writing. Under the guidance and direction of writing duo Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank, these young artists sing back at history, their present and their future. Music theatre has a notoriously contentious relationship with progress and history. At times it seems caught between being a heritage art form and progressive – between responding to the current political moment and being an antidote to it. Key Changes is our response to this tension.

Honours student, Tessa Hulsbosch, is presenting a short performance at the end of Key Changes.  An exploration of the representation of women in musical theatre shows. Verbatim quotes from musical theatre performers, creatives and scholars provide a dialogue intended to highlight the importance of the female voice in the creation of musical theatre.

Presented by the Centre for Theatre and Performance.