Sam Ondaatje Trio

Over the last four years Sam Ondaatje has had many musical achievements, such as being awarded the under 21 Peter Martin Jazz Solo award 3 years in a row (2016-2018).  In 2018  Sam was also awarded the Monash University Emerging Jazz Performance Prize.

As a professional musician, Sam has worked with international superstars, such as Victor Goines, James Morrison and the great Wynton Marsalis, as well as some of Australia’s top performers and writers, such as Rob Burke and Toshi Clinch.

Sam’s professional life as a musician includes being a resident member of the Paris Cat Big Band, Toshi Clinch Big Band, and the Oliver Shute Big band, and some work with the Daryl McKenzie Big Band, as well as being a member of numerous small groups and running his own trio.

  • Sam Ondaatje – Saxophone
  • Max Bruten – Double Bass
  • Jasper Bruten – Drumkit



Sam Watts

Sam Watts is a first year electric bassist at Monash, and will be performing a range of jazz standards, with the inclusion of some well-known fusion tunes. On the stage, he is joined primarily by Monash students of his year, with some other musicians that he has developed a deep musical connection with over the past few years. This performance will be very much so on the fly, and thus will focus on interaction amongst the ensemble.

  • Sam Watts – Bass
  • Patrick Barton Grace – Piano
  • Sam Ondaatje – Saxophone
  • Albert Rolfe – Drums
  • Finn Nolan – Guitar



Australian Jazz Ensemble

The Australian Jazz Ensemble is a flagship group from Monash University, keeping alive the jazz tradition whilst maintaining the relevance of original Australian music. The group will play repertroie from the likes of Andrea Keller, Jamie Oehlers, Frank DiSario, Bernie McGann and many other great Australian artists.

  • Rose Bassett – Voice
  • Ash Ballat – Trumpet
  • Tom Edwards – Tenor
  • Callum Mintzis – Trombone
  • Samuel Bulowski – Guitar
  • Stuart McCowan – Piano
  • Sam Watts – Bass
  • Jasper Bruten & Jordan Pereira – Drums



Sylvie Evans Quartet

Sylvie Evans has a unique voice which captivates her audience. Currently in her second year of Jazz studies at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Sylvie has her past studies in saxophone to thank for where she is now, being introduced to jazz through the instrument. With broad influences from artists such as Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter, Gretchen Parlato and Nina Simone, to name a few, Sylvie provides a new and interesting take on a wide variety of standards.

  • Arthur Xafis – Guitar
  • Ben Cox – Bass
  • Darcy Stibbard – Drums




The Monash Animated Notation Ensemble (MANE) was created to explore  the emerging field of Animated Notation through the performance of works by ensemble members as well as other Australian and International composers. Unlike traditionally-fixed notational forms, MANE works with scores that require motion, and may be generative and/or algorithmic in nature. The scores are often projected in order to provide the audience with insight into the unique functionalities and appearance of these decidedly 21st Century notational experiments.

  • Ryan Ross Smith – Synth, Piano, & Bottles
  • Cat Hope – Oscillator & Bottles
  • Aaron Wyatt – Viola & Bottles
  • Sam McAuliffe – Guitar & Bottles
  • Dom Chaseling – Bass Flute & Bottles
  • Morgan Heenan – Guitar & Bottles


Presented by the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music