Wheel of Bias

Wheel of Bias


If human progress is the result of rational decisions in our long-term interest, we’d be pretty good at making them by now, right? Not so much. Decisions are hard, so we take mental shortcuts to make them easy. They’re called biases, and they’re not rational at all. Luckily, Monash has a behavioural science unit to explain our irrational behaviours, in an exciting format called The Wheel of Bias.

It’s the first interactive game show ever invented* to explore the mental shortcuts we use to cope with making decisions. It actually spins, too.

Join Sarah Kneebone and Geoff Paine from BehaviourWorks Australia (part of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute) as they step you through the mental blocks and shortcuts that stand in the way of progress. And everyone’s a winner**

*ever invented by us
**of insights into the human condition