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The second annual MoCA PhD Day will be held on 26 November in room 345 in building 28 (the usual seminar room).

It is a day long event where the students of MoCA present their work and the research they are involved in. Talks are scheduled for 15 minutes + 5 minutes for question afterwards. In the afternoon, there will be several external speakers who will talk about what they have their done with their astro PhD outside of academia, as well as a session on how to make a good CV and job finding.

There will be refreshments and lunch provided throughout the day, and a social event with some beer and chips at the end of the day.


Slot Presenter Title
8:55 am Introduction
9:00 am Shakya Premachandra "Precision ephemerides of neutron star binaries to assist Gravitational wave searches"
9:20 am Stuart Heap "Proton Ingestion Episodes in Low- and Intermediate Mass, Low-Metallicity Stars"
9:40 am Joelene Buntain "Kr isotopic compositions in mainstream stardust SiC grains"
10:00 am Tom Constantino "Core helium burning stars: Asteroseismologists have found a pulse, but are they breathing?"
10:20 am Shelley Hansen "Fast-to-Alfven mode conversion I an atmosphere with Transition region"
10:40 am Jake Crosset "Recent star formation in galaxy clusters"
11:00 am Coffee Break
11:30 am Terry Tricco "Magnetic Fields in Star Formation"
11:50 pm George Angelou "Lithium as a Depressant"
12:10 pm Ben Farmer "Model comparison with partial Bayes factors: Standard Model vs constrained minimal supersymmetry"
12:30 pm Kate Henkel "The Galactic Terrestrial Zone; Predicting the Number of Habitable Planets in the Milky Way"
12:50 pm Chris Hanson
1:10 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Graham Phillips (ABC's Catalyst)
Elizabeth Stark (Symbolix Consultants)
Donald Payne (DirectEnergy)
"Taking Your PhD Outside of Academia"
3:00 pm Kevin Pimbblet "Dungeons and Dragons"
4:00 pm Social Event