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The third annual MoCA PhD Day will be held on 29 November in rooms G29 & G30 in the New Horizons building (physics seminar room).

It is a day long event where the students of MoCA present their work and the research they are involved in. Talks are scheduled for 15 minutes + 5 minutes for question afterwards. As well, sessions on effective paper writing techniques and how to referee a paper are planned.

There will be refreshments and lunch provided throughout the day, and a social event with some beer and chips at the end of the day.


Slot Presenter Title
9:55 am Introduction
10:00 am Writing Skills Panel Discussion
11:00 am Writing Skills Workshop
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm Tim Dolley "A signature of Merger Driven Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies"
1:20 pm Terry Tricco "The Turbulent Environment of Star Formation"
1:40 pm Amelia Fraser-McKelvie "Star Forming Brightest Cluster Galaxies in the Nearby Universe"
2:00 pm Nic Bonne "Luminosity Functions of Local Universe Galaxies"
2:20 pm Damien Przybylski "Looking for Alfven Waves on the Sun"
2:40 pm Coffee Break
3:00 pm Jake Crossett "Topcat"
3:20 pm Tom Constantino "TBA"
3:40 pm Dane Kleiner "Observational vs. Theoretical PhDs"
4:00 pm Ben Farmer "Bayesian Origins of Fine-Tuning in Minimal Supersymmetric Models"
4:20 pm Chen Hou "TBA"
4:40 pm Chris Hanson "An Analytical Approach to the Scattering Between Flux Tubes in the Sun"
5:00 pm Drinks and Nibbles