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Planet formation mini-workshop 2015

Held 22nd April 2015 at Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from 9:30-4pm. Participation was by invitation.


Click on links below for pdf slides from talks

9:20am Welcome (Daniel Price)
9:30am Rosemary Mardling (Monash) — Constraints on planet formation theory from the exoplanet fossil record
10:00amDuncan Forgan (St Andrews) - Planet formation via disc fragmentation and tidal downsizing
10:30amGiovanni Dipierro (Milan) - Interaction between dust and the gravitational instability
11:30amMark Hutchison (Swinburne) - Photoevaporation in protoplanetary discs
12:00pmJames Wurster (Monash) - Star formation and the disc formation problem
12:30pmDaniel Price and Kieran Hirsh (Monash) - Planet formation in HL Tau
2:00pmAndy Tomkins (Monash Geo) - Meteorites and the timing of planet formation
2:30pmAlastair Tait (Monash Geo) - Deformation processes in meteorites
3:00pmElodie Thilliez (Swinburne) - Modelling interactions between a debris disc and planet
3:30pmAndrew Langendam (Monash Geo) - How timing of planet formation can affect habitability

Organiser: Daniel Price