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Session I  -  Observations of stellar abundances

John Norris Observations of stellar abundances in Australia: a historical prospective
Ken Freeman New generation instruments for galactic archeology
Peter Cottrell Stellar abundances from a New Zealand perspective

Session II  -  Nuclear physics in astrophysics

George Dracoulis Nuclear experimental facilities in Australia
Tibor Kibedi A novel approach to determine the radiative width of the Hoyle state

Session IV  -  Modelling of stellar nucleosynthesis and galactic chemical evolution

John Lattanzio Modelling of stellar nucleosynthesis in Australia: a historical prospective
Amanda Karakas Modelling of stellar nucleosynthesis in Australia: present and future
Chiaki Kobayashi Chemodynamical evolution of Galaxies and the Universe
Pilar Gil Pons Intermediate mass stars: refining the boundary between white dwarfs and neutron stars
Herbert Lau Evolution of low-metallicity AGB stars and carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars

Session V  -  Research topics in nuclear astrophysics

Janaina Avila Europium isotopic ratios in stardust SiC grains from AGB stars
Clare Worley Heavy element abundances in globular cluster giant stars
Maurits Evers Investigations of mechanisms inhibiting tunnelling in nuclear fusion
George Angelou Stellar abundance anomalies and nuclear astrophysics
Seann McKibbon Successes and limitations of extinct nuclide initial abundances in meteorites: 53Mn in angrites and pallasites
Joelene Buntain Stardust grains from post-AGB stars

Session VI  -  Overseas organisations

Taka Kajino Nuclear astrophysics in Japan
Brian Fulton Nuclear astrophysics in Europe
Ed Brown The Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

Session VII  -  Stellar thermonuclear explosions

Brian Schmidt Type Ia supernovae