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Information for Prospective Students

MoCA is the Monash Centre for Astrophysics and consists of astronomy and astrophysics researchers in both the School of Mathematical Sciences and School of Physics and Astronomy.  Courses and degrees administered by members of MoCA are available through either school.


Please visit the School of Physics and Astronomy postgraudate website for information.

The Centre houses many research students investigating diverse areas of astrophysics at doctoral or masters level. It is possible to study either option part- or full-time. Each student is given a desk and office space within the department. Graduate students work closely with a supervisor in the department, and  will  also  have at least one additional supervisor, either at Monash or further afield. Several students have overseas Associate supervisors and get to spend extended time studying abroad. Please visit our research page for an overview of current research topics at Monash, and the contact details of propspective supervisors. Our researchers at Monash would love to organise to meet with you if you are interested in pursuing a PhD in their area of research at MoCA.

Some of the benefits of studying Astrophysics at MoCA are:

  • Access to world-leading scientists, especially in theoretical astronomy
  • Funding for at least one overseas conference during study
  • Active research groups provide close links with other students and researchers
  • MoCA receives a dedicated 14 nights per annum access to WiFeS
  • Excellent training in computational astrophysics and advanced modelling
  • Monash University is located close to excellent beaches, some of Australia's preminum wine regions and easy access to snow and skiing in winter.

For more information, please contact the Director of MoCA, Amanda Karakas.

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The honours year bring students right into touch with research for the first time.  Broadly, the program consists of 6 coursework units (mostly in semester one), and a major thesis project under the supervision of one or more faculty members (mostly in semester two). Honours students become part  of  MoCA  with their own desks in the Centre, and plenty of chance to work closely with staff and fellow students.

Please note that although Honours is offered through the School of Physics and Astronomy you can be supervised by anyone in MoCA.

Information for students considering Honours at MoCA is available from the Physics and Astronomy honours page.

For more information, please contact the honours coordinator, Amanda Karakas (


Astronomy and Astrophysics can be pursued as either a minor or major sequence through the Faculty of Science. More information on the courses offered at different stages of undergraduate can be found on the Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate page.