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Public Outreach


MoCA is proud to present the MoCA Public Lecture series, a series of public talks from researchers at the forefront of astronomy and astrophysics. Lectures will be held on the Monash Clayton campus, and all events are free to attend.

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Video recordings of past public lectures can be found on the MoCA youtube page.

Schedule of Events

Talks usually start at 6:30 pm and last about one hour.

Past talks

Thursday 19 October, 2017 Dr Elizabeth Tasker Dangerous worlds
Tuesday 8 November, 2016 Dr Tyrone Woods 444 years of Tycho's supernova
20 September, 2016 Dr Karlheinz Langanke The universe in the lab
18 August, 2016 Dr Andrew Prentice The dwarf planets of the solar system
10 May, 2016 Dr Chris Matzner Interstellar messaging
12 April, 2016 Dr Phil Judge "Are we alone in the Universe?"
10 March, 2016 Professor Darren Croton Into the heart of darkness: supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies
8 Oct, 2015 Dr Daniel Price Is there life out there?
31 Mar, 2015 Professor Tim Bedding Planets and starquakes with NASA's Kepler space telescope
11 Mar, 2015 Dr Simon Campbell Stars: Our wireless connection to the Universe
19 Feb, 2015 Assistant Professor Anna Frebel Searching for the oldest stars
11 Feb, 2015 Professor Christian Iliadis Cosmic Furnaces and the Origin of the Elements
16 Oct, 2014 Professor Valery M Nakariakov Wonders of the Solar Corona
9 Oct, 2014 Dr Daniel Price A star is born
14 Aug, 2014 Professor Philipp Podsiadlowski From supernova to hypernova: understanding the diversity of cosmic explosions.
17 Jul, 2014 Dr Claire Foullon Flowing from the Sun: Modern Views of Heliospheric Research.
12 Mar, 2014 Dr Christopher Tout The Enigmatic Type IA Supernovae
10 Oct, 2013 Dr Shravan Hanasoge Living With a Star
9 Jul, 2013 Dr Charley Lineweaver ASA Harley Wood Lecture: The Birth, Life and Death of our Planet...... and of the Universe.
16 May, 2013 Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith The SKA: Building the World's Largest Telescope in our Backyard
17 Mar, 2013 Prof. Fred Watson Star-Craving Mad: Tales from a Travelling Astronomer
13 Feb, 2013 Prof. Alexander Heger Supernovae and the First Stars in the Universe
29 Nov, 2012 Prof. Joss Bland-Hawthorn The Search for Antimatter in the Universe
24 Oct, 2012 Prof. Richard de Grijs Is Bigger Always Better?
13 Sep, 2012 Dr Amanda Bauer A Long Time Ago in Galaxies Far, Far Away...
2 Aug, 2012 Prof. Brad Gibson Building a Universe with a Computer
21 Jun, 2012 Dr Paul Lasky Albert Einstein, Black Holes and the Billion Dollar Search for Gravitational Waves
6 Jun, 2012 Observing Session: Transit of Venus
9 May, 2012 Prof. Trevor Ireland Hayabusa Returns
29 Mar, 2012 Prof. Chris Tinney The Search for Extrasolar Planets
15 Feb, 2012 Prof. Brian Schmidt The Accelerating Universe


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