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PhD Theses from (what is now) the Monash Centre for Astrophysics

Karen Lewis, "The detectability of moons of extra-solar planets" (2011)

Diana Ionescu, "Seismic emissions from solar flares" (2010)

Jules Kajtar, "Smooth lattice general relativity, and SPH simulations of swimming linked bodies" (2010)

Martin Robinson, "Turbulence and viscous mixing using smoothed particle hydrodynamics" (2010)

Juan Carlos Martinez-Oliveros, "Multi-wavelength analysis in flare seismology and the role of magnetic field dynamics in the seismicity of solar active regions" (2009)

Paul Lasky, "A Unified Treatment of Gravitational Collapse in General Relativity" (2007)
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Hannah Schunker, "Local Helioseismology within Surface Magnetic Fields" (2006)
| pdf (9.2Mb) | Errata (12Kb) |

Elizabeth Stark, "Gravitoelectromagnetism and the question of stability in general relativity" (2004)

Amanda Karakas, "Asymptotic giant branch stars : their influence on binary systems and the interstellar medium" (2003)

Stuart Muir, "A relativisitic, 3-dimensional smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) algorithm and its applications" (2003)

Ashley Crouch, "The interaction of solar oscillations with magnetic field" (2003)

Maria Lugaro, "Nucleosynthesis in AGB Stars" (2001)
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Ben Messenger, "Abundance Anomalies in Globular Cluster Red Giant Stars"
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Cheryl A. Frost, "Effects of Third Dredge-up on the Structure of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars" (1997)
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