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General Relativity Research


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General Relativity

Researchers: Leo Brewin, Tony Lun, Jules Kajtar, Robert Bartnik, Todd Oliynyk

Monash has a large group of researchers working in many areas of both Classical and Numerical General Relativity, including differential geometry. Some of the current projects include: Generalised Tolman-Bondi space-times as models of spherical collapse; Perturbations in the 1+1+2 formalism; angular momentum of asymptotically flat space times; quasi-normal modes of rotating black holes; runaway solutions of the Einstein Maxwell electro vac space times; formulation of initial-value problems with matter sources; energy and quasi-local energy definitions and properties, properties of spacetime and the formation of singularities.

Increasingly computers are being used to develop insights into GR. Our research in this area includes numerical integration of the Robinson-Trautman and the Bondi mass equations; the optical appearance of objects falling into black holes; the development of new methods for General Relativity in particular lattice methods such as Smooth Lattice General Relativity. Some current projects include: the evolution of Teukolsky waves, maximal sliced Oppenheimer-Snyder dust collapse, boundary conditions for lattice methods, ray tracing in curved space times.

Is this what a wormhole looks like?