Introduction to Machine Learning

This course will provide you with the foundations for exploring Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It focuses on using software to develop and implement machine learning techniques.

Why Monash College?

Monash College’s innovative education and digital skills programs are grounded in strong, evidence-based methodologies. The College is wholly owned by Monash University and has more than 25 years’ experience designing, developing, delivering and reviewing learner-centred programs. It works with 2,000 industry partners to deliver industry placements for 3,000 students annually.

As an established teaching institution, Monash College has a strong cohort of teaching professionals who hold minimum tertiary qualifications in their fields of specialisation and current links to industry.

Victorian Government Funding

The Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program aims to build the state’s digital workforce by training and upskilling mid-career Victorians so they can transition into digital careers. Through Digital Jobs, 5,000 mid-career Victorians will complete a six-month program that includes 12 weeks of industry-backed training followed by 12 weeks in a digital job with a Victorian business.

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Course information:

Mode of studyThis course is taught asynchronously (self-paced), with 12 – 14 hours of learning per week. A course trainer will guide you through your learning. Weekly sessions will be scheduled and trainers will participate in forums and be available to answer questions and provide guidance.
Duration12 weeks
Where can it lead

The skills learnt through this program will best complement your existing skills and experiences from a wide variety of professional fields. Together, these useful and transferable skills can support transition into entry-level or support roles in the following areas:

  • Entry level Data Science roles
  • Entry level Machine Learning Engineering roles
  • Entry level Data Engineering roles
Course load12 - 14 hours per week, including 2 hours of optional drop-in time with the trainer.
Additional services
  • Orientation
  • Support Services
  • Optional Employability modules
  • Digital badges
  • Access to campus facilities

Download the Introduction to Machine Learning Unit Guide (PDF, 0.13 MB)

A taste of what's to come

  • Week 1 - Introducing AI and Machine Learning

    Welcome to your first week of Introduction to Machine Learning. As you might expect, this first week will have a heavy focus on not only introducing you to core content, but also making sure that you have a chance to meet the other participants, your trainer and, most importantly, that you have the space to familiarise yourself with the course structure and the learning environment.  Core content for this week will include an introduction to the field of Machine Learning, including its history, and algorithms.

  • Week 2 - Algorithms

    In Week 1 you had an opportunity to prepare for your learning and you were introduced to the course and your learning community. This week you will develop your knowledge of some of the basic concepts of machine learning.

  • Week 3 - Sorting and Complexity

    Over the past two weeks you have been introduced to algorithms, data structures, and pseudocodes. This week you will be introduced to the concept of sorting and will use your knowledge of algorithms to develop sorting algorithms.