Why choose us?

Monash College RTO (Provider Number: 45061) provides customised training that targets your organisation's development needs. Whether it's management and leadership, specialised operations, or broader capabilities such as creativity and innovation, we can help your team become more productive, innovative and competitive.

Our world-class, in-house content development team produces the highest quality training materials and our deep connection with Monash University gives us the advantage of access capability and scale. Our business knowledge and strong understanding of industry needs, empowers us to drive business outcomes for our clients.

Opportunity to customise and agree on deliverables

We aim to provide maximum decision making power back to the organisation. Session plans are provided prior to each workshop to ensure alignment to the learning needs and allowing opportunity for customisation where required/possible.

Flexible learning

Our program is designed to meet time constraints of a busy workforce. Our cloud-based LMS is compatible with modern devices and provides clarity on online activities to be completed and directions on assessment requirements. Participants can attend webinars via the LMS.

Working with an award winning team

Our online learning design team and lead facilitator Norman Paskin were awarded two Gold awards at LearnX 2018 for Best Simulation Design for the Grow Model and Best Learning Design Team for the Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Visibility on return on investment

Real-life projects, workplace based evidence produced for assessments and monthly cohort progress reports will provide visibility on the value of the program, real-time tracking of change in behaviour observed and the immediate transfer of skills occurred.

In-house facilitation and project management team

There will be consistency and increased coordination through our in-house project delivery team to ensure the entire team is focused towards bringing the strategic results desired.

Ongoing support

Learners are provided support via webinars, discussion boards, email and phone to ensure they are equipped for the program.

Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to advance your future leader's skills and knowledge. This program is only open to employers who have a group of participants willing to take part in the Diploma.

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