Focus on addressing the future of packaging

Packaging is changing rapidly for both B2B and retail. MFI has a significant interest in assisting the food industry with tackling looming challenges in packaging, with one example being legislative targets such as the Australian Packaging Covenant target of 100% sustainability by 2025. We have been actively engaging industry to make Monash expertise available to assist in identifying, developing and implementing new sustainable packaging designs. This is not easy given that any new packaging design must consider the consumer, the supply chain (from the farmer to the manufacturer and retailer) and the recycler. We have worked closely with leading researchers at BioPRIA and across Monash. This ensures industry can access the thinking and innovation coming from leading research groups. If you are considering a new product or packaging development there are a number of government grant programs that may assist. We have included three below.

In addition, the Innovation Connections grant (

Linkage Projects grant ( are brilliant schemes to support research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations.