Gearing up for the future through access to Monash research

SHIFT20 Expo

Professor Louise Bennett presented at the SHIFT20 Virtual Event and Food Expo. In her talk she spoke about a novel workflow that will change our understanding of how food ingredients impact our health. The workflow tool helps to identify bioactive compounds and degradation products in foods from processing through consumption to assist in the formulation of healthier and safer products. Let us know if you would like to have a more detailed conversation with Louise, we would be delighted to organise a chat.

Membrane Technologies

Membranes are well known for purifying water, but broad potential for energy efficient separations. Replacing existing processes with membranes can improve performance, energy use, and sustainability across the food, energy, dairy, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical sectors. MFI supported the webinar organised by ARC Research Hub for Energy-Efficient Separation with a trending topic on Membrane Technologies in Food Industry. More upcoming webinars can be seen here.

The recorded webinar can be watched via the link:

Blockchain Technology Centre

A blockchain is an impenetrable, timestamped ledger of all transactions or events – in this instance across the value chain from farm to fork – that are added in a linear, chronological order. The global blockchain market is forecast to grow to an estimated US$60 billion by 2024, and Australia has the capacity to play a large role. MFI is working with the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre to develop this potential for Agrifood value chains. 

A 2.5-min video about the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre can be seen here: