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Recurring Events

  • Sunday Afternoons of Music | Music & Dance from Iran and Afghanistan (3 March, 2:00pm)

    You are cordially invited to experience the evocative sounds of Persian ensemble music and solo music from Afghanistan.

  • Mindfulness at Monash MPavilion (Every Tuesday, 5 March – 30 April, 1:15pm)

    Mindfulness is a simple and accessible way of enhancing wellbeing and improving focus and performance. It is both a form of meditation and a way of living.

  • MLab Series (Wednesday 13 March | Wednesday 17 April | Wednesday 29 May, 2:00pm)

    Returning to the Monash MPavilion in 2019, the MLab Series introduces Monash to world-class musicians at the forefront of musical creativity and virtuosity.

  • Deep Soulful Sweats (28 March |11 April | 2 May, 6:00pm)

    Lose yourself in our dark yogic disco -- Deep Soulful Sweats is coming to Monash with an open invitation to come together and exorcise through exercise.

  • Sunday Afternoons of Music| Tastes of India: Ragas & Rhythms (7 April, 2:00pm)

    Led by master musician Ravi M. Ravichandhira OAM and Narmatha Ravichandhira MA, this concert will showcase carnatic classical to contemporary Indian music.

  • Sunday Afternoons of Music| Music & Dance from Indonesia (5 May, 2:00pm)

    Experience music and dance from the four corners of Indonesia!

  • Sunday Afternoons of Music| Music & Dance from China & Japan (2 June, 2:00pm)

    Be transported to eastern Asia with this concert of Chinese and Japanese music.

MPavilion 2017 at Monash University


MPavilion 2017 at Monash University launched in May 2018 at our Clayton campus. The Monash MPavilion is an event hub and community meeting place that celebrates design, creativity and innovation.

This new venue presents a significant opportunity to connect students, staff and the wider community together through events, installations and workshops.

All Monash Mpavilion events are FREE to access.

Where is it?

Monash MPavilion lives on the Monash University Clayton Campus, on the corner of Scenic Boulevard and Ancora Imparo Way (see Google Map). Limited parking is available, check out our sustainable transport options for visiting campus.

MPavilion History

The fourth MPavilion arrived in spring 2017 in the City of Melbourne, designed by the Netherlands–based Architects OMA/Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten. Designed as a contemporary amphitheatre, the MPavilion 2017 is the fourth MPavilion from a series of outstanding architectural commissions for Melbourne, leading the cities conversations on design and architecture.

Today, MPavilion 2017 has a permanent home at Monash University Clayton, and is a creative incubator with a focus on innovation, research, sustainability and inclusivity. A meeting place for students and community, the Monash MPavilion will continue the vision of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, the City of Melbourne, and internationally renowned architecture firm the Office of Metropolitan Architects (OMA).

For more information on MPavilion, please visit the MPavilion website.

Past Events

  • Slow Art Collective, Arch-Loom: M

    Think: Environmental sustainability, Material ethics, DIY culture and Collaboration That's Slow Art Collective for you!

  • Anupama Bhagwat - MLab Series

    Anupama Bhagwat, the internationally acclaimed sitarist will speak on the evolving of an Indian classical musician before giving a lyrically beautiful sitar performance.

  • Assanhado Quarteto - MLab Series

    The vibrant and cultural musical group Assanhado Quarteto is coming to the Monash MPavilion to play a colourful and unique take on Brazilian music.

  • Kleine Momente im Großen Krieg/Small Moments in the Great War

    Directed by Nores Cerfeda, with music by James Cleverley, German Studies students present various scenes from the works of Bertolt Brecht and Ilse Langner, as well as letters retrieved from German soldiers on the front. The performance is in both English and German.

  • An Afternoon of Thai and Indonesian Performance

    The afternoon will feature MAMU's talo balak, the first of its kind outside Indonesia, played by the Indonesian Ensemble Players from the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music. They will be joined by Nalanda Robson and her students of the Thai Dulcimer.

  • JG Thirlwell Masterclass

    As part of the MLab Series, composer/producer/performer JG Thirlwell will talk about his work as a composer and artist followed by a performance of his compositions by Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music students.

  • Steam Forum

    Steam Forum explores public bathing cultures as sites of reflective conversation, healing and freedom of expression by installing a mobile steam room. The steam room will host leading voices from the LGBTIQA+ community, presenting performances and leading conversations within the space.

  • Romy Fox and Kelp DJ - Slow Art Collective

    Immerse yourself in Slow Art Collective's Arch-Loom: M for an afternoon of experimental sounds and industrial beats.

How To Book

Monash MPavilion events are free to attend for Monash University students, staff and members of the wider community. While events are free to attend, registration may be required. For a live event feed, go to the Monash University Campus Events facebook page.

Want to hold an event at Monash MPavilion? The space can be booked by contacting Monash Venues.