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Executive Team

Professor John Thwaites Chair, MSDI
Professor Tony Capon Director, MSDI
Professor Rod Glover Professor of Policy & Impact, MSDI
Professor Rob Raven Deputy Director - Research
Associate Professor Annette Bos Deputy Director - Education
Anna Skarbek Chief Executive Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Professor Liam Smith Director, BehaviourWorks Australia
Associate Professor Briony Rogers Director, MSDI Water
Michelle Armstrong Chief Operations Officer, MSDI

All staff

Fatima Abdulrahman Research and Graduate Research Administrator
Bhavika Agnihotri Operations Manager, ClimateWorks Australia (on maternity leave)
Meg Argyriou Head of International Programs, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Michael Askew Program Manager, Australian Transitions Academy
Kazi Aubanty Project Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia
Liz Bacchetti Program & Marketing Administrator, Sustainable Development Education Program
Claudia Bailey Project Assistant, Sustainable Development Education Program
Associate Professor Becky Batagol Associate Professor, MSDI
Gitanjali Bedi Senior Learning Coordinator / Lecturer, MSDI
Amrit Bhabra Senior Designer, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Mitzi Bolton Research Fellow, MSDI
Kim Borg Research Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia
Mark Boulet Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Julie Boulton Project Manager, MSDI
Clare BraceyResearch Assistant, Social Systems Evidence (SSE)
Morgan Brady Administration Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Associate Professor Peter Bragge Associate Professor and Director of Health Programs, BehaviourWorks Australia
Coral Bravo Data Analyst
Professor Rebekah Brown Director, RISE program
Cameron Butler Senior Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Amanda Cameron RISE Project Administrator
Tania Carrubba Finance and Contracts Manager, MSDI
Mei Shien Chew Business Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Claire Connell Collaboration and Facilitation Specialist, ClimateWorks Australia
Kulja Coulston Manager of Editorial and Communications, ClimateWorks Australia
Eli Court Program Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Jim Curtis Senior Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Marine Dehayes Research Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Amandine Denis-Ryan Head of National Programs, ClimateWorks Australia
Jenni Downes Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Paul Farran Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Nicholas Faulkner Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Dr Naomi Francis Research Fellow, MSDI
Dr Matthew French RISE Program Manager
Jess Fritze Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia 
Sarah Fumei Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Celina Garcia Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Filia Garivaldis Lead of Faculty
Alexander Gavranich Senior Program Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Denise Goodwin Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia (on maternity leave)
Jay Gordon Business Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Robyn Gower Communications Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia
Simon Graham Business Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Professor David Griggs Adjunct Professor, MSDI
Dr Emi Gui Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Ivy Hajduk Multichannel Graphic Designer
Oliver Hill Engagement Coordinator, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Jane Holden Urban Water Cluster Manager, MSDI
Senhao Huang Business Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Eleanor Jackson Program Lead, Oxfam-Monash Partnership
Lena Jungbluth Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Dr Stefan Kaufman Senior Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Dr Breanne Kunstler Research Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia
Karen Kuttner Administrative Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia
Rob Kelly Program Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Tahl Kestin Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Manager
Dr Céline Klemm Assistant Lecturer, Sustainable Development Education Program
Dr Sarah Kneebone Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Vicki Kyriakakis Marketing Manager, MSDI
Haley Lambert Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Nina Laxmandas Digital and Communications Manager, MSDI
Alyse Lennox Project Manager, Monash-McMaster Social Systems Evidence Collaboration
Research Assistant, BehaviourWorks Australia
Candice Lever Communications Officer, RISE
Michael Li Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Selina Lo Senior Research Fellow, MSDI
Sam Loni Affiliate of SDSN, MSDI
Rachel Lynskey Project Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Shirin Malekpour Senior Lecturer, MSDI
Anna Malos Policy Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Fernanda Mata Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Cristelle Maurin Research Fellow, MSDI
Ronnie MaskellFacilities Coordinator
Ro Maxwell Business Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Aleasha McCallion Senior Operations Coordinator, MSDI
Tracy McGregor Operations Manager, BehaviourWorks Australia
Mary McMillan Administration Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Julia Meis-Harris Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Alejandra Mendoza Alcantara Project Manager, MSDI
Naomi OckerseExecutive Assistant and Project Coordinator
Geoff Paine Content Curator, BehaviourWorks Australia
Lilith Palmer Content Specialist, ClimateWorks Australia
Loyal Pattuwage Senior Coder, Social Systems Evidence (SSE)
Professor David PencheonAdjunct Professor, MSDI
Dr Sue Pepper Grants Development Manager, MSDI
Lani Perlesz Engagement Coordinator, ClimateWorks Australia
Tam Pham International Project Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Bernice Plant Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Richard Proudlove Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Aisha Reynolds International Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Tania Richter Senior Project Manager, Monash-McMaster Social Systems Evidence Collaboration
Dani Robertson International Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
David Robertson Lecturer, MSDI
Simone Rosel Development Manager, ClimateWorks Australia 
Enza RussoOperations Coordinator
Dr Alexander (Zan) Saeri Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Dr Paul SaturLecturer, MSDI Water
Melanie von Schorlemer Administration Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Darren Sharp Research Fellow, MSDI
Dr Elizabeth Sidiropoulos Lecturer, MSDI
Dr Peter Slattery Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Sophie Stefanakis Senior Digital Officer, ClimateWorks Australia
Iain Stewart Business Analyst, ClimateWorks Australia
Wei Sue Program Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Guntur Sutiyono Senior Project Manager
Prof Robert SkinnerProfessorial Fellow, MSDI Water
Samantha Tannahill Executive Assistant, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Andre Taylor Sessional Lecturer, Sustainable Development Education Program
Dr Morgan Tear Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Fraser Tull Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Amy Turton Executive Assistant, MSDI
Dirk Visser Lecturer, Sustainable Development Education Program
Denise Wellington Executive Assistant, MSDI
Dr Lara Werbeloff Manager, Strategic Initiatives, MSDI
Abby Wild Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Dr Breanna Wright Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Bowen Yang Digital Education Specialist, MSDI
Tom Yankos Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia
Dr Kun Zhao Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia
Georgia Windrum Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia