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Jane Holden

Urban Water Cluster Manager
Monash Sustainable Development Institute
T: +61 407 095 170

Jane completed her PhD (1995) in the Physics Department at Monash University, in collaboration with Dental School at The University of Melbourne and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology, and was awarded a Masters’ in Business Administration from Monash University in 2004.

Jane has over 20 years’ experience working in strategic and project management roles for providers of scientific and engineering services in mining, power generation and aviation industries. This has involved working with a broad range of stakeholders, building and developing teams and defining the systems and frameworks to support project implementation. Whilst living in SE Asia Jane worked in a number of roles with not-for-profit organisations and founded her own social enterprise sourcing goods crafted from waste materials and distributing in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Jane returned to Monash University in 2014 as a Project Manager in the Accident Research Centre, managing a major TAC funded research program addressing the causes of serious road injury. In 2016, Jane joined Monash Sustainability Institute to manage the Urban Water cluster funded by the Australia-Indonesia Centre.

Working in competitive and complex operating environments, Jane’s expertise is in leading multidisciplinary and cultural diverse teams in both local and overseas contexts to achieve organisational goals and performance targets.