Rob Raven

Rob Raven

Rob Raven

  • Type: Executive
  • Position: Deputy Director – Research
  • Team: Interdisciplinary Research
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Professor Rob Raven is an interdisciplinary scholar, professor of sustainability transitions and Deputy Director (Research) at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. He is also a visiting professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

In 2012 Professor Raven co-founded the global Sustainability Transitions Research Network and won the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) Chris Freeman award for a significant collective contribution to the interaction of science and technology studies with the study of innovation. In 2019 he was selected into the Lifetime Achievement Leaderboard of The Australian as one of Australia's Top 40 researchers, and one of the five top-performing Australian social scientists.

He has published over 80 articles, three books, and seven special issues.


Research, sustainability transitions, socio-technical innovation, governance, urban experimentation.

Research Interests

Professor Raven's current research is focused on analysing transformative change in an urban context (such as smart and sustainable cities). His research explores how socio-technical experimentation, institutional change and incumbency in urban regimes co-produce sustainable city futures. His interest is in understanding the dynamics and governance of sustainability transitions and social-technical innovation. Professor Raven has made major contributions to multi-level theories of transformative change, socio-technical experimentation and strategic niche management. His empirical work has covered urban, energy and mobility transition processes in Europe, Asia and Australia.


PhD, Sustainability Transitions, Eindhoven University of Technology
MSc, Innovation Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology
BSc, Electrical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology

Recent Publications

Raven, R. & Walrave, B., 2020, Overcoming transformational failures through policy mixes in the dynamics of technological innovation systems, Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 153, 11 p.

Köhler, J., Raven, R. & Walrave, B., 2020, Advancing the analysis of technological innovation systems dynamics: introduction to the special issue, Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 3 p.

van Doren, D., Runhaar, H., Raven, R. P. J. M., Giezen, M. & Driessen, P. P. J., 2020, Institutional work in diverse niche contexts: the case of low-carbon housing in the Netherlands, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. 35, p. 116-134, 19 p.

Dignum, M., Dorst, H., van Schie, M., Dassen, T. & Raven, R., 2020, Nurturing nature: exploring socio-spatial conditions for urban experimentation, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. 34, p. 7-25, 19 p.

Dahlmann, F., Stubbs, W., Raven, R. & Porto de Albuquerque, J., 15 May 2020, The 'purpose ecosystem': Emerging private sector actors in earth system governance, Earth System Governance. 16 p.

Find more of Rob's research publications and reports here.

Current Supervisions

Ruby O'Connor
Alexander Nordt


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