Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Our increasing population is putting extra demand on our natural resources, and our production and consumption patterns are continuing to accelerate in an unsustainable way. Feeding our growing population is increasing our demand on food production and this is resulting in an increase in waste generation. The UN has reported that our global material footprint rose from 73.2 billion metric tons in 2010, to 85.9 billion metric tons in 2017 - a 17.4% increase since 2010 and a 66.5 % increase from 2000.

There is a need to enhance resource efficiency, recycling and sustainable production of resources to limit the impact on our environment and reduce waste. Between 2010 and 2019 electronic waste increased by 38%, yet less than 20% is recycled. The continued dominant use of fossil fuel through increased fossil fuel subsidies is increasing greenhouse emissions and exacerbating climate change.

In 2016 the UN reported that the harvesting, processing, transportation and storage of food supplies results in up to 13.8% of food is lost in the supply chain. By 2030, the UN aims to halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses. Goal 12 calls for a substantial reduction of waste through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.

How is Monash working to achieve sustainable consumption and production?

See Monash University's summary of activities for this goal across research, education, engagement and operations.

Monash University Progress Report 2020

Australia's progress towards Goal 12

The Transforming Australia: SDG Progress Report provides key information about how Australia is progressing towards achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Visit the Transforming Australia website to see more about Australia’s progress towards Goal 12.

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