What we do

What we do

Our purpose is to advance the wellbeing of people and planet for current and future generations.

That’s why we’re working to understand, influence and transform systems to achieve sustainable development in Australia and our region.

We do this by collaborating with partners on research, education and impact projects to build knowledge and capacity, and drive practical change.

Our work is focused in six key areas:

6 domains

  • Climate Action – accelerating transitions to net-zero emissions
  • Leadership for the Goals – Advancing SDG literacy and action
  • Sustainable Cities and Regions – Enabling thriving places and communities
  • Environment and Health – Improving environmental outcomes, health systems and advancing planetary health
  • Circular Economy – Catalysing regenerative and closed-loop approaches to building economic, natural and social capital
  • Inclusive Prosperity – Enhancing participation, belonging and inclusion

We bring a commitment to impact and a diverse toolkit that enables us to work across sectors and disciplines, and build innovative programs that advance sustainable development.

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