How we do it

How we do it

Our Systems Transformation Toolkit

MSDI brings a powerful set of capabilities to the task of transforming systems for sustainable development. We create change through deep collaboration and co-design, working in close partnership with government, industry and communities to amplify our impact.

Our research, education programs, networks, and policy reform advice work, all combine to create MSDI’s Systems Transformation Toolkit. This diverse toolkit enables us to tailor our approach, from understanding complex problems, to co-developing and implementing solutions that have maximum impact.

Building capacity and empowering leadership

We’re helping to build the skillsets and mindsets for effective action, enabling people to lead from where they are.

Experimentation and innovation

We’re developing and refining new methods and integrated approaches to enable us to solve complex problems.

Facilitating collaboration

We’re building strong partnerships, helping stakeholders to align around common goals and enable coordinated action.

Understanding and influencing behaviour

Our dedicated behaviour change team is developing the tools and frameworks to help us diagnose problems and guide action to influence people’s behaviour.

Creating, synthesising and translating knowledge

We’re producing new and applied insights, and tailoring their application to different sectors and places.

Shaping institutions, policy and practice

We’re helping to shape and create policy, set agendas and build narratives so that we can create change.