Oxfam-Monash Partnership

Oxfam-Monash Partnership

The Oxfam-Monash Partnership was a 10-year collaboration bringing together one of the world’s top NGO’s with the strength of Australia’s largest University to change people’s lives for the better. As part of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, the Oxfam-Monash Partnership sought to bridge the latest research with practitioners and students in international development to help create positive change.

About this project

To find solutions to the pressing development challenges of our time, we need strong partnerships. They cannot be solved by one organisation alone. Oxfam Australia and Monash University have different missions, but we share a common purpose: to improve people’s lives. The Partnership was founded on a vision to bring about evidence-based change for some of the most vulnerable communities and intractable issues globally. For over 10 years brought together our different and complementary resources – world leading academic research and extensive development experience – to achieve greater development impact than would otherwise be possible alone.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 – Partnership for the Goals – reflects global recognition that strong partnerships are paramount to achieve the SDGs. Through the Oxfam-Monash Partnership we have supported innovation to improve livelihoods and address poverty. The legacy of the partnership is the close and dynamic working relationship that has been forged between Oxfam and Monash, and the demonstration of the immense value arising from effective cross-sectoral engagement around shared opportunities.

Two missions, one goal

Development organisations and academic institutions both play key roles in global development and poverty reduction, and their impact can be much greater when these efforts are combined. This 10-year Impact Report focuses in two parts on what we have learned through Partnership activities: how the Partnership’s activities supported action-oriented research that made a difference in people’s lives; and the student engagement activities and headline achievements in areas including the internship program and the Oxfam-Monash Partnership Prize.

Read the 10 year Impact Report.

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Through this project we aim to:

  • Conduct world-class research that makes a difference in people’s lives.

  • Connect current and future practitioners with the evidence base to effect change.

  • Pursue evidence-based advocacy for systems, policies and practices to benefit communities.

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