MSDI Water

MSDI Water

MSDI Water is driving transdisciplinary research, partnerships and innovation to catalyse water system transformation. It works to improve the sustainability and resilience of water systems and contribute to climate action, planetary health, circular economy, and community empowerment. MSDI Water is the focal hub for water initiatives across MSDI.

MSDI Water and the Water Sensitive Cities Australia (WSCA) team are together generating new knowledge on water system transformation, evolving water sensitive products, building industry capabilities, and connecting communities of practice across Australia and internationally.

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Nine years of achievements and counting

Monash University was a proud partner in the recently completed CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. This important impact work now continues on at MSDI as Water Sensitive Cities Australia.

The $120 million Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) has achieved much over its 9-year period.

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