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Working with Indigenous Communities

  • Australia's Indigenous communities hold a vast treasure-trove of wisdom and knowledge about the Australian landscape and environment. "They are the oldest living civilisation on this planet," says Professor David Griggs in Nhawul Bultjubul Ma - To See With Both Eyes. "They have an oral history which goes back many thousands of years. They have an intrinsic knowledge of how natural systems work."

    That's why Monash Sustainable Development Institute is working in partnership with Victoria's Yorta Yorta and other Indigenous communities to assist them to respond to climate change and have a stronger say in the policies and management decisions that affect their traditional lands. The program is  also  improving  our understanding of traditional livelihoods, values, practices and needs, as well as the common benefits and risks associated with national responses to climate change.

  • Caring for Country

    MSDI and its Indigenous partners aim to develop and implement projects that apply the principles of Caring for Country to protect and develop the urban form, while celebrating Aboriginal culture.

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  • Learning from Indigenous knowledge

    MSDI researchers and Indigenous leaders are studying how the knowledge of the Yorta Yorta people could be used to help strengthen indigenous influence in the land management of the BarmahMillewa.

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