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MSDI partners with United Nations University for RISE

28 November 2017

This partnership will greatly assist RISE to streamline implementation and move through to effective policy dialogue with a wide network of international institutions and organisations.

With a few smart moves, we can relieve the pressure on gas

23 November 2017

The largest opportunity to reduce gas demand exists in industry, through improved energy efficiency as a result of reusing waste heat and upgrading boilers.

Children given a voice through RISE Dreaming activity in Fiji

20 November 2017

Children participate in RISE community consultation by designing their ideal neighbourhood

Transforming Harmful Social Norms in the Solomon Islands – A Research Project Launching Event

17 November 2017

To contribute to the global 16 Days of Activism campaign against Gender-based Violence, a launching event of a research project on “Transforming Harmful Social Norms in the Solomon Islands” was held on November 14th, 2017 at the Queen Victoria Women’s Trust Centre in Melbourne.

Documentary: Sustainable Futures

8 November 2017

As the planet’s resources continue to diminish, we must look to research, innovation and collaboration to deliver a sustainable world for future generations. Monash researchers and industry experts offer insights into the known solutions that will create a sustainable future.

Professor John Thwaites' contributions to sustainability recognised

2 November 2017

The Climate Alliance Business Leadership Awards recognise Australian business executives and organisations that have demonstrated leadership by addressing the opportunities or risks presented by climate change.

Monash University supports the New Urban Agenda in Indonesia and Fiji

31 October 2017

Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) is supporting the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

Leave No One Behind-Pitch Event

20 October 2017

Twenty-one students representing nine teams have been shortlisted for the final stage of the inaugural Leave No One Behind social business competition.

Professor Rebekah Brown and Monash colleagues honoured for their contribution to Social Sciences

19 October 2017

Four Monash academics – including Monash Sustainable Development Institute Director Rebekah Brown – have been elected to the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. The honour is in recognition of their distinguished contributions to their disciplines and to society.

What's driving our planet's destruction?

13 October 2017

Professor Dave Griggs speaks with the Australian Conservation Foundation

Monash to become Australia’s first 100% renewable energy powered university

10 October 2017

Monash University President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner AO, said the Net Zero initiative was the most ambitious project of its kind undertaken by an Australian university.

Sam Loni named 'Young Peacemaker' at Nobel Peace Prize Forum

6 October 2017

The award recognises the SDSN Youth's peacemaking efforts worldwide.

International launch for SDG Universities Guide

5 October 2017

The Monash-led publication Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities: A guide for universities, education institutions and the academic sector, made its international debut in New York last month.

GRIP PhD student awarded best presentation at international water management conference

1 October 2017

Tahmina Yasmin from the Water and Sustainability in Asia GRIP, was awarded "Best Presentation" at the 19th International Conference on Adaptive and integrative Water Management.

Linking renewables to economic growth: The case for climate-centered SDGs

29 September 2017

ClimateWorks Australia's Meg Argiryou speaks with Devex

Australia Ranks 26th on Global Sustainability Index

26 September 2017

Sam Loni and Professor John Thwaites discuss how Australia lags behind many European countries, as well as Japan, Canada and New Zealand.

Professor Rob Skinner Named Lead Chair of the Victorian Government’s Water Forums

22 September 2017

Monash Sustainable Development Institute’s Professor Rob Skinner has been named Lead Chair of the Andrews Government’s new Metropolitan and Regional Water Forums. The forums are part of the Government’s plans to put communities at the heart of storm and recycled water management for Victoria.

Multimillion dollar Monash project to revitalise urban slums kicks off

14 September 2017

Work has officially commenced on Monash’s multimillion dollar Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments program (RISE).

Food Energy Water Nexus presented in Stockholm

24 August 2017

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus project for Monash University was recently presented to a global audience of policy makers, media and academics in Stockholm.

Radio Interview: Lasting effect of big issue documentaries

23 August 2017

Kim Borg of BehaviourWorks Australia speaks with Morgan Burnley from Radio Adelaide about big issue documentaries and behaviour change.

SDG Universities Guide Launched

22 August 2017

Monash University was a major contributor to an important new publication, Getting started with the SDGs in universities: A guide for universities, higher education institutions, and the academic sector.

World's most livable city? Can science keep Melbourne liveable?

21 August 2017

BehaviourWorks Australia’s Sarah Kneebone took part in the panel discussion during National Science Week.

The truth about inconvenient truths – big issue documentaries don’t always change our behaviour

15 August 2017

While “big issue” documentaries do a great job raising awareness and developing attitudes on important issues, they often don’t go far enough in inspiring long term change.

Monash Students to attend International Conference on Sustainable Development

14 August 2017

Four passionate and talented Monash students are heading to New York City in mid-September to participate in the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) and other events happening around the city as part the UN General Assembly and New York Climate Week.

Leave No One Behind – Kickstart Event

7 August 2017

More than 130 students attended Monash University’s ‘Leave No One Behind’ kickstart event held at the Australian Synchrotron.

Radio Interview: Vehicle carbon pollution standards

4 August 2017

ClimateWorks Australia's Scott Ferraro speaks with ABC RN Breakfast

MSDI partners with Resilient Melbourne on innovative student initiative

4 August 2017

Pilot project will see high performing students help small to medium businesses contribute to greater social and environmental outcomes.

Invitation to apply for Monash delegation to COP23

4 August 2017

Staff and graduate research students who would like to be part of the Monash delegation to the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn are invited to submit an expression of interest for consideration.

BehaviourWorks' research to help create a digitally inclusive Australia

3 August 2017

BehaviourWorks Australia's research into digital inclusion was presented at the official launch of the Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA).

Applications are open for Green Steps @ Monash

2 August 2017

Green Steps will be running its flagship university program at Monash this September for students who want the skills and knowledge to drive sustainability in their careers and beyond.

Take One Step Nominated for Green Gown Award

29 July 2017

Take One Step, developed by Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and run as a pilot with the Monash Business School in 2016 has been announced as a finalist in the Student Engagement category of the Green Gown Awards, Australasia.

Monash Participates in Eco City World Summit 2017

17 July 2017

In July 2017 Melbourne hosted the ECOCITY World Summit. Held every two years since 1990, this year's World Summit's theme was on Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations.

Decouple Development from Emissions Growth for Lasting Prosperity

29 June 2017

If humankind is to live sustainably, future economic growth in developing nations must minimize environmental harm.

Report: The State of Electric Vehicles in Australia

14 June 2017

The State of Electric Vehicles in Australia report provides an up-to-date assessment of Australia’s electric vehicle industry.

Choosing healthy food: your surroundings can help or hinder your dining

12 June 2017

We can encourage people to make healthy adjustments to their diets with simple behaviour techniques.

Cheryl Batagol awarded Honorary Doctorate from Monash University

11 June 2017

Ms Cheryl Batagol Chair of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Chair of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Monash University, in recognition of her outstanding leadership and lifetime contribution to sustainability, environmental protection, water, and waste and resource management.

BehaviourWorks and Victorian Managed Insurance Authority announce partnership

8 June 2017

New $1.5 million Research and Innovation Program to improve patient safety in public healthcare.

Australia-Indonesia Leaders Program 

30 May 2017

Monash and MSDI host Australian-Indonesian leadership delegation for dialogue on future cities.

Managing Demand Can Save Two Power Stations Worth of Energy at Peak Times

25 May 2017

The forecast for future blackouts in Australia doesn’t look good if there’s no change in our energy demand and supply.

SDG Interactions Report: From Science to Implementation

15 May 2017

MSDI's Professor Dave Griggs co-develops blueprint to help countries implement and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Webinar: Youth and Sustainable Development

5 May 2017

With Prof Jeffrey Sachs and SDSN Youth Global Coordinator Sam Loni

Monash and Stanford formalise partnership at US-Australian Water Dialogue

4 May 2017

Major research focus on planetary health

Leave No One Behind

13 April 2017

New student initiative to address social disadvantage

BehaviourWorks clears the line on 000

11 April 2017

BehaviourWorks Australia has contributed to the Victorian Government's new campaign to reduce the number of non-emergency calls made to 000.

ClimateWorks and The Myer Foundation win major award

6 April 2017

ClimateWorks Australia and its co-founding philanthropic partner, The Myer Foundation, won the Best Large Grant award at the 2017 Australian Philanthropy Awards.

Interview: Perspective-taking makes people more willing to help others in distant parts of the world

29 March 2017

PsyPost speaks with Dr Nick Faulkner from BehaviourWorks Australia about testing empathy

Radio interview: Popular cars failing emissions tests in 'real world' conditions

27 March 2017

ClimateWorks Australia's Scott Ferraro informs us how vehicle emission standards can save motorists money and reduce pollution.

Emissions standards on cars will save Australians billions of dollars, and help meet our climate targets

16 March 2017

The cheapest way for Australia to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to put a cap on car emissions. It would be so cheap, in fact, that it will save drivers money.

New analysis for vehicle emissions standards

16 March 2017

ClimateWorks Australia has called on the Federal Government to implement the most stringent light vehicle emissions standard arguing an even higher standard was achievable.

Video: Development and Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

14 March 2017

Lecture by MSDI's Professor Dave Griggs at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ.

Why we're wasting money on medical tests and how behavioural insights can help

13 March 2017

Associate Professor Peter Bragge of BehaviourWorks Australia takes a look at why this occurs and how we can best address it through behavioural techniques

Transforming the Future - Leaders Program

09 March 2017

Monash Business School and MSDI are nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

Prestigious global financial award for Monash University

08 March 2017

Monash University has received international recognition for becoming the first university in the world to raise funds by issuing a climate bond.

Video news feature: MSDI Global Slum Revitalisation Launch

06 March 2017

Monash in Focus takes a look at MSDI's global slum revitalisation project.

Business of Climate Change

20 February 2017

Professor Dave Griggs says businesses need to act now or be left behind as the world transitions to a high-tech, low-carbon future.

Radio interview: When things don't go to plan

11 February 2017

Associate Professor Liam Smith, Director of BehaviourWorks Australia, discusses adaptive management strategies on Radio National's Best Practice program.

Radio interview: Managing our water for the future

09 February 2017

Professor Rob Skinner shares his advice on how to manage our water to create liveable and resilient cities on "The Sustainable Hour" radio show.

SDSN Youth Solutions Report

31 January 2017

SDSN Youth launches the first edition of the Youth Solutions Report to provide solutions to address global problems.

Australian project to improve water delivery in urban slums gets $27m funding

24 January 2017

Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute aims to ensure water access for urban poor.

Water-sensitive innovations to transform health of slums and environment

24 January 2017

An innovative water-sensitive project aims to dramatically improve the health of slums and their environment together.

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