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MSDI co-hosts world leading economist Mariana Mazzucato

18 December 2018

Monash Sustainable Development Institute, in partnership with the Centre for Policy Development, was delighted to host Professor Mariana Mazzucato, one of the world’s most influential and forward-thinking economists, during her visit to Australia this month.

MSDI partners with McMaster University to build world's largest evidence resource for the SDGs

18 December 2018

MSDI will help expand the scope of the Social Systems Evidence repository to cover all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Associate Professor Becky Batagol’s life-changing work on family violence recognised in new campaign

17 December 2018

The video is part of a new campaign by Universities Australia that draws attention to the importance of university research.

BehaviourWorks Director Joins Editorial Board of Prestigious Journal

15 December 2018

Associate Professor Liam Smith has been invited onto the editorial board of the prestigious Public Administration Review.

SMART: supporting the Pacific Islands to lead the way in climate action and leadership

14 December 2018

The Pacific Islands region is responsible for just 0.03 per cent of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s already feeling the effects of climate change. ClimateWorks Australia has developed a Strategic Mitigation Adaptation and Resilience Tool (SMART) for planning to address these challenges.

Announcing the new home for CSL alumni and programs

13 December 2018

CSL selected MSDI to take carriage of the Centre’s programs.

Radio interview: Bag ban pays dividends

10 December 2018

Kim Borg speaks with 2SER's The Wire about the 80% reduction in single-use plastic bag consumption across Australia since the ban by supermarkets earlier this year.

Gender Equality: It's everyone's business

10 December 2018

We need to think about the problems that men and women face not as competing priorities, but as part of the same toxic social problem.

Zeroing in - ClimateWorks' impact report launches

7 December 2018

ClimateWorks has launched their impact report covering the 2017-18 period.

Urban Water Cluster hosts research showcase and exhibition

7 December 2018

More than 120 guests from government, industry, NGOs and the community attended the Urban Water Cluster's research showcase and exhibition in Bogor, Indonesia.

Dr Tahl Kestin addresses Hiroshima University Symposium on SDGs

5 December 2018

MSDI’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Manager, Dr Tahl Kestin, delivered a keynote address at ‘The 2nd Hiroshima University Symposium on SDGs’ in Japan on December 1.

INSPIRE: a framework to change behaviour for the better

3 December 2018

Written communications – in the form of letters, emails, notices on websites and other correspondence – oil the wheels of government, helping ensure that people comply with legislation and take actions that benefit individuals and society as a whole.

MSDI wins Research & Academia Banksia Award

30 November 2018

Monash Sustainable Development Institute has won the Research & Academia award at the 2018 Banksia Sustainability Awards.

Report finds tougher construction code could deliver big emissions savings in the top end

29 November 2018

A more stringent National Construction Code with stronger energy performance targets would reduce emissions and power bills for buildings in Northern Australia, according to a report released by MSDI’s ClimateWorks Australia and the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC).

Refreshed Green Steps program inspires young leaders

28 November 2018

In a world where climate change and social inequality are ranked by the UN, World Bank and others as some of the most challenging issues of our time, Monash has been equipping students with a unique skill set to become sustainability leaders and change agents in their careers.

Monash delegation heads to global climate change summit

28 November 2018

More than 20 Monash staff and students are heading to Poland to attend the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24).

Behaviour Change GRIP wins Monash Research Services Excellence Award

28 November 2018

The Behaviour Change Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) management team has won Monash University’s Research Services Excellence Award.

MSDI named joint winner of Green Impact program

27 November 2018

MSDI has been awarded the Monash 2018 Green Impact Overall Winners, alongside the Faculty of Pharmacy.

MSDI Champions Greater Engagement at Science Communicators Conference

27 November 2018

Monash Sustainable Development Institute Lecturer David Robertson facilitated a number of workshops at the Australian Science Communicators Tenth National Conference in November.

Associate Professor Becky Batagol Discusses Gender Equality and Sustainable Development at Monash

27 November 2018

MSDI’s Associate Professor Becky Batagol gave the keynote address at Monash’s 2018 Elimination of Violence Against Women event on November 27.

City water restrictions hurt our most vulnerable – especially women

22 November 2018

Australian women have disproportionately been affected in times of drought.

RISE breaks first ground on demonstration site in Makassar, Indonesia

21 November 2018

The MSDI-led RISE research program has achieved a significant milestone with the official groundbreaking ceremony taking place at the demonstration site in Makassar, Indonesia.

BehaviourWorks Australia has developed a game-changing framework for public administrators

16 November 2018

MSDI’s BehaviourWorks Australia has developed a ground-breaking new framework that is helping public administrators improve compliance through written communications.

New Book Sheds Light on How Victoria Has Led the Way in Road Safety

13 November 2018

From Roadside to Recovery describes how this extraordinary achievement was the product of sustained, ground-breaking and multi-faceted approaches to preventing injury, saving lives and optimising recovery.

Radio interview: From Roadside to Recovery

12 November 2018

Associate Professor Peter Bragge and Professor Russell Gruen join Jon Faine on The Conversation Hour to talk about Victoria's road trauma system

The Vatican Youth Symposium 2018

7 November 2018

On October 31 2018, SDSN Youth in partnership with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) hosted its third annual Vatican Youth Symposium in Vatican City.

Monash hosts Professor Jeffrey Sachs in Melbourne

1 November 2018

See the highlights of this world-renowned professor of economics and leader in sustainable development's visit to Australia.

2018 Leave No One Behind winners announced

31 October 2018

Three Monash student teams are amongst the winners of this year’s Leave No One Behind social business competition.

Young MSDI researcher wins prestigious Green Talents award

22 October 2018

MSDI’s Dr Shirin Malekpour has been recognised as one of the world’s outstanding young researchers in the field of sustainable development.

Student reflections – International Conference on Sustainable Development 2018

12 October 2018

In September 2018, six Monash students attended the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2018 at Columbia University in New York.

Monash University leading the way in the sustainable development agenda

11 October 2018

Monash researchers and industry experts offer insights into the known solutions that will create a sustainable future.

Monash student podcast explores sustainability

1 October 2018

Master of Environment and Sustainability students Justin Lichtblau and Rosie Drew are behind a new sustainability podcast which they hope will entertain, inspire and empower people to make sustainable changes in their everyday lives.

Net Zero initiative wins global United Nations 2018 Momentum for Change Award

1 October 2018

Monash University and MSDI's ClimateWorks Australia have won the Momentum for Change Award presented by the United Nations at the Climate Week conference in New York for the Net Zero initiative.

A commitment to a sustainable future

27 September 2018

How many people think about sustainability when they’re devising strategy, thinking about threats or looking for opportunities?

ClimateWorks launches Horizon to Horizon Guide for Pacific Island Countries

25 September 2018

The Horizon to Horizon guide outlines a step by step process on achieving net zero emissions in the Pacific.

Banksia Award finalists announced

20 September 2018

MSDI and the SDSN Australia, New Zealand & Pacific have been announced as finalists in the Research & Academia category of the 2018 Banksia Sustainability Awards.

Professor Tony Wong wins IWA Global Water Award

18 September 2018

Monash Sustainable Development Institute congratulates Professor Tony Wong, who was awarded the International Water Association's prestigious 2018 Global Water Award for his influential work in water sensitive urban design.

MSDI Director Appointed Senior Vice-Provost and Vice-Provost (Research), Monash University

17 September 2018

MSDI would like to congratulate its Director, Professor Rebekah Brown, on her appointment to the position of Senior Vice-Provost and Vice-Provost (Research) of Monash University.

Monash students to attend ICSD 2018 in New York

17 September 2018

Six Monash students are preparing to pack their bags for New York to attend the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2018, later this month.

MSDI’s Urban Water Cluster Hosts Indonesian Delegates

10 September 2018

MSDI’s Urban Water Cluster (UWC) hosted a group of government delegates and water resource management authorities from Indonesia on a two-day visit.

Chloe Munro named on prestigious AFR Women of Influence list

10 September 2018

Monash Professorial Fellow and Australian energy expert has been featured on the list of the Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence 2018.

MSDI's Dr Saba Mebrahtu Habte promotes NGO partnerships at Melbourne Development Circle event

8 September 2018

The panel explored how NGO's are adapting business practices through collaboration to achieve impact.

How Monash University helped BIGSOUND understand the nuances of cultural change through smoking

7 September 2018

BehaviourWorks explores how the Australian music industry can achieve a sustainable cultural change

Report: Tracking Progress to Net Zero Emissions

6 September 2018

A new report by ClimateWorks finds Australia is not yet on track to meet its emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement but there are many opportunities to still get there.

Growth without direction: How Australia measures up against UN targets

6 September 2018

A more robust and resilient Australia would be built on a broader base of industries and capabilities.

Australia is not on track to reach 2030 Paris target (but the potential is there)

6 September 2018

Australia has three times the potential needed to reach the federal government’s current 2030 target, but this will not be achieved under current policy settings.

Transforming Australia: SDG Progress Report

5 September 2018

New report launched to track Australia’s progress on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Australia’s UN report card: making progress, could do better on inequality and climate

5 September 2018

To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Australia needs to put more emphasis on addressing critical, long-term issues like inequality and climate change.

How did Australia perform on its UN goals for a sustainable future?

4 September 2018

A report has revealed Australia's mixed progress on meeting UN goals for a sustainable future.

More work to do for Australia to meet UN goals

4 September 2018

Professor John Thwaites speaks with ABC Radio's AM on Australia's mixed progress on tracking against the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Why doesn't Victoria have a container deposit scheme?

2 September 2018

Associate Professor Peter Bragge from BehaviourWorks Australia speaks with journalist Jewel Topsfield to help us understand why we're lagging.

Sludge: How corporations nudge us into spending more

27 Aug 2018

Small changes in how choices are presented or designed can have a big impact on our behaviour.

The Conversation: How to move energy policy models beyond bias and vested interests

21 Aug 2018

Modelling should be a chance to test your assumptions, not just confirm them.

MSDI hosts world-leading collaborative democracy pioneer

17 Aug 2018

From the White House to the Monash Moot Court; Professor Beth Noveck and MSDI put democracy on trial.

Green Steps 2018

1 Aug 2018

Apply for one of 25 places in the award-winning Green Steps sustainability leadership program.

MSDI Chair addresses Global Youth Leaders Summit

3 Aug 2018

Professor John Thwaites joined Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus and Inaugural Yidan Prize Laureate Ms Vicky Colbert, as a keynote speaker at this year’s Global Youth Leaders Summit in China.

Why Coles’ plastic bag backflip leaves us worse off than before

1 Aug 2018

Offering free lightweight plastic bags causes excessive plastic use, while banning lightweight bags can increase the use of heavier plastic bags (such as bin liners). Coles’ decision brings out the worst of both worlds.

Documentary: Death of Corporate Greed? - A Different Lens

31 July 2018

Professor Rod Glover and other Monash experts discuss how profit and ethical behaviour are no longer mutually exclusive in the business world – they must go hand-in-hand.

Podcast: Humans of Purpose - John Thwaites

30 July 2018

MSDI Chair, Professor John Thwaites speaks with Humans of Purpose podcast about MSDI, the SDGs, climate change, behaviour change and more.

Science alone can’t save us, say scientists

26 July 2018

MSDI Director, Professor Rebekah Brown featured in Cosmos Magazine for the launch of Nature Sustainability Australia.

Opting out of My Health Records? Here’s what you get with the status quo

26 July 2018

If you’re opting out of My Health Records, you’re opting in to “business as usual”. So it’s important to know what the current system looks like.

Peter Singer and Kym Peake explore the ethics of government behaviour change programs

21 July 2018

World-renowned philosopher Professor Peter Singer has told an audience of more than 300 people in Melbourne that it is the obligation of governments to influence behaviour change in positive ways, as long as they do so ethically.

Here’s a funny thing: can comedy really change our environmental behaviours?

19 July 2018

While comedy can certainly soften a message, can it really change our behaviour?

Radio interview: How to break up with plastics

16 July 2018

Kim Borg from BehaviourWorks Australia speaks Radio Adelaide about the plastic waste problem.

Why the wealthy should pay a charity levy

13 July 2018

Professor Dave Griggs and Associate Professor Liam Smith have proposed a new system for distributing wealth more evenly and help to balance social inequalities.

How to break up with plastics (using behavioural science)

13 July 2018

Single-use plastics are convenient, but it’s time to phase them out.

Radio interview: Should we have a charity levy for high-income earners?

13 July 2018

Liam Smith, Director of BehaviourWorks Australia, speaks with 6PR Perth.

Australia falls further in rankings on progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goals

11 July 2018

Australia is performing worse than most other advanced countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to the global SDG Index.

TV interview: Ride Share bike companies quit Australia

10 July 2018

PhD candidate Conor Wynn speaks with Channel 10 news in Sydney about why the share bike concept has failed in Australia.

Report: Built to Perform

3 July 2018

Energy standards in Australia’s National Construction Code must be urgently upgraded if new buildings are to be fit and ready for a zero carbon future, according to a new report prepared by ClimateWorks Australia and the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council.

BehaviourWorks Australia talks ‘Second Generation Nudges’ at behavioural science conference

2 July 2018

Associate Professor Liam Smith, Director of MSDI’s BehaviourWorks Australia was a guest speaker at the Behavioural Exchange Conference (BX2018) in Sydney.

Australia must embrace transformation for a sustainable future

19 June 2018

Australia needs to embrace transformative change if it's to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. But what is transformative change and how do we achieve it?

ClearWater Masterclass Series 2018

14 June 2018

Professionals across local government, water corporations and water catchment authorities have come together for a series of 16 Masterclasses run by Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) to explore best practice in Integrated Water Management (IWM).

Report: The State of Electric Vehicles in Australia (second report)

14 June 2018

Australia’s electric vehicle industry grew slightly last year, according to this new report, released by the Electric Vehicle Council and ClimateWorks Australia.

MSDI Director Professor Rebekah Brown joins new EPA Governing Board

1 June 2018

The Governing Board was appointed by the Victorian Government earlier this year following an intensive selection process

Report: Plug & Play 2

15 May 2018

ClimateWorks Australia and Seed Advisory have released a new report with recommendations designed to improve transparency, oversight and representation of customer interests in electricity network access requirements.

SDSN Youth receives $1 million in funding

30 April 2018

The outstanding work undertaken by the student-founded SDSN Youth over the past three years has been acknowledged with an unexpected  $1 million in philanthropic funding for the initiative.

Education units taught by MSDI achieve 'outstanding' status

12 April 2018

Three units taught by the broad team of Monash Sustainable Development Institute educators have been acknowledged as ‘outstanding’ in terms of overall satisfaction over 2017/18.

BehaviourWorks at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

10 April 2018

Smart Phones, Dumb People: BehaviourWorks Australia showcases behavioural science at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

MSDI business student awarded prize in international competition

5 April 2018

MSDI business student named 2018 Aim2Flourish winner for Sustainable Development Goal #7

Rural Sri Lankan women in agriculture - joint research findings released

29 March 2018

Findings on joint research carried out by Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Sri Lanka and Monash University, on the participation of rural women in agriculture across three districts of Sri Lanka has been released.

Monash student social business competition winners announced

28 March 2018

Four teams have been awarded prize money to help launch their innovative social business ideas in Monash University’s inaugural Leave No One Behind student entrepreneurship competition.

MSDI welcomes 18 PhD candidates to Monash University

27 March 2018

MSDI has welcomed 18 new PhD candidates to Monash University as part of the Behaviour Change Graduate Industry Research Partnership (GRIP).

Event: Professor Muhammad Yunus - A World of Three Zeroes

26 March 2018

Nobel Peace Prize laureate launches his new book outlining a vision for tackling inequality, unemployment and environmental degradation.

Australian SDG Summit 2018

23 March 2018

Leaders and decision makers from over 200 government, business, civil society, academic and youth organisations from across Australia gathered in Melbourne in March 2018 for the second Australian SDG Summit.

RISE Makassar communities gather on World Water Day

22 March 2018

World Water Day 2018 asks, “How can we use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century – floods, droughts and water pollution?”

Monash partners with three prominent Asia Pacific universities for RISE

19 March 2018

Monash University has signed partnership agreements with three of the Asia Pacific’s most highly regarded universities - Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) in Indonesia; and, Fiji National University (FNU) and The University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji - for the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program.

Australian energy expert appointed Professorial Fellow

12 March 2018

Chloe Munro AO will work across multiple faculties and institutes to advance energy policy research, natural resources policy, and to link research to the needs of industry and government.

The power of consumer habit: why businesses often struggle to expand overseas

5 March 2018

One of the reasons why some companies fail in their expansions, is that their business models don’t sufficiently account for differences in consumers’ habits.

ClimateWorks Australia joins major new international project

1 March 2018

ClimateWorks to map international and national pathways towards more sustainable land and food systems.

Monash formalises partnership with Wellcome Sanger Institute for RISE

26 February 2018

Monash University has just signed a five-year research collaboration agreement with world-leading centre in genomic discovery and understanding, the Wellcome Sanger Institute for the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments program.

Event: National Sustainable Living Festival's Great Debate 2018

16 February 2018

Do we have the capability to reverse global warming within a meaningful time frame?

Energy Transitions paper published in prestigious interdisciplinary journal

15 February 2018

Paper on exploratory modelling for long term planning is featured in a special issue of Energy Research and Social Science.

Report: The Bottom Line – household impacts of delaying improved energy requirements in the Building Code

8 February 2018

Australia can cost-effectively strengthen residential energy efficiency standards in the Building Code and cut heating and cooling energy use by up to 51 per cent.

MSDI appoints Deputy Directors

25 January 2018

MSDI is delighted to announce the appointment of three new Deputy Directors in the areas of Research, Enterprise and Education.

Three reasons why share-bikes don’t fit Australian culture

25 January 2018  

To understand Australian culture and see why it’s problematic for share-bikes, let’s compare it to one of our neighbours – Singapore.

To end share-bike dumping, focus on how to change people’s behaviour

17 January 2018  

If we deal with why people are behaving badly, then we’ll see fewer of these bikes stuck up trees or clogging rivers.

MSDI 2017 Annual Activity Report

2 January 2018

The 2017 MSDI Annual Activity Report is now available to view and download.

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