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New Tracker For Emission Reduction Pledges


ClimateWorks and MSDI launch new tracker for emission reduction pledges

ClimateWorks Australia and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute has launched a national tracker of emissions reduction pledges by Australian companies, governments and organisations.

The Net Zero Momentum Tracker will mean for the first time, information on emissions reduction commitments by major Australian companies, organisations and state and local governments will be collated on one national platform.

ClimateWorks Australia Chief Executive Officer, Anna Skarbek, said the new momentum tracker aims to highlight the large organisations that are bringing net zero emissions plans into their business strategies across all sectors of the Australian economy.

"Many major global companies have made it part of their business strategy to shift to net zero emissions. Australia now has companies and governments doing the same but lacks an easily accessible place to see all of these," she said.

Currently organisations can announce their emissions reduction plans in public statements or sustainability reports or by signing up to pledge platforms such as We Mean Business or the RE100 initiative.

However, Ms Skarbek says the diverse ways in which organisations make these announcements means the full picture of Australian organisations' commitments towards net zero emissions is not well understood or recognised.

"This tracker will bring together information about efforts by Australian organisations to reduce their emissions in line with the goal of net zero emissions by 2050 or earlier, as required by Australia's full commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change," Ms Skarbek said.

Monash University has itself committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2030, supported by a shift to 100 per cent renewable energy to power all its Australian campuses.

Monash University's Net Zero Program Director Scott Ferraro said by collating information on emissions reduction commitments in one place, it will help encourage more organisations to make commitments to reduce their own emissions, in line with the goal of net zero emissions by 2050.
"Companies are beginning to embed climate mitigation strategies into their business model and are making this known publicly to their customers, investors and regulators," Mr Ferraro said.

"This Net Zero Momentum Tracker will help others see that these decisions are being made across different sectors of businesses and industry bodies and government jurisdictions," he said.

In late 2019, the Net Zero Momentum Tracker will launch a free online database of emissions reduction commitments from Australian organisations, with a particular focus on net zero emissions commitments.

The database will be updated over time as more organisations make commitments. The initiative will also produce regular reports to assess emissions reduction activity across key sectors of the economy.

The Net Zero Momentum Tracker will not be a pledge platform, and will not seek pledges from organisations. Instead, the project aims to showcase the excellent work of existing pledge platforms and encourage more organisations to make net zero emissions pledges through these platforms or independently.

Find more information about the Net Zero Momentum Tracker.